31 December 2011


hello maple + shade readers!

i'm so very honored to be guest posting while our lovely hannah is down south.
this very blog inspired me to create the egg which documents my life in jackson hole, wyoming.
out west i work hard (real estate) and play hard (in the mountains!)

a few things i absolutely cannot do without.....

cannot live without 1. i carry my hobo clutch everywhere. 2. this patagonia down works great for both skiing and showing property. so many awesome colors every season. 3. if you are a mac user, this little gem keeps your mac safe. trust me, invest....only $20! 4. stylish anthro bedding keeps me warm and cozy during the long winter months. 5. a gift to myself after i sold my first house. dress her up, dress her down, i take this little lady everywhere....even dubai! 6. one can never have too many pairs of frye boots out west. 7. greatest product ever invented.  i have one in every coat, every purse, my car, my office, and ski pants.

cannot work without 1. the otterbox might be bulky but it protects my iphone from the snow.  i have to take it with me when i ski!  my emails are non-stop. 2. my new blogging job requires me to snap photos all over town.  the 60D is light and easy to use. 3. my mom always said that people will take you more seriously when your nails look good.  my favorite polish, midnight red.  4. my around-the-office moccasins.  very comfy and not too casual for when clients pop in. 5. i need music 24/7.  at my office and on the slopes.  this app is perfect. 6. go ahead and laugh but this medicine ball has been my best friend for 3 years.  sometimes i do ab workouts when no one is looking....and its a great ice-breaker when new customers walk into my office!

pop on over to the egg and say hello!

30 December 2011


So...packing (for me at least) doesn't exactly come easy, especially when there's multiple destinations involved...meaning varying weather and temps. But thanks to the brilliant Brock and Marsha--the masterminds behind the  personal styling business and blog Style Edit--my next suitcase will be perfectly packed. And hopefully yours, too! Let's see what the experts have to say on the matter:

Winter is here! Most of us are so very tempted to stay cuddled inside our warm humble abodes but adventure keeps calling our names! Planning on taking a road trip or a flight to somewhere nice? Packing can be stressful. We know. But, we are here to help! Unpredictable weather or multi-destination trips can be a headache when it comes to packing--especially when you have to pay to check a bag! A major challenge arises when you are attempting to pack style-minded yet versatile clothing for a long trip. We've all been caught standing defeated in front of a overly packed  9 x 14 x 22 inch piece of carry-on luggage.  Never fear my dear--where there's a will, there's a way!  Take a look of our packing suggestions below!


Tips you will cherish: 

1. Always bring a great selection of jewelry! Jewelry can be stowed in your purse to prevent damage and taking up room in your suitcase. For example: Statement necklaces can help create countless looks. One white shirt can produce 5 looks with 5 different statement necklaces! 

2.  Always wear your heavy items on the plane to allow for more space in your luggage. Layering is a must! Plus, it tends to be pretty chilly on the plane.

3.  Scarves can double as sarongs--creating more fabulous looks! 

Brock + Marsha

*Be sure to check out their blog for more amazing (and everyday) personal style tips. Love these ladies!


Til we leave for our two-week Colombian rendezvous.

That means we're:

Feverishly packing.

Making...and scratching off...lots and lots of to-dos.

Getting this pup clean...and all geared up...for her two-week stay with Aunties and Uncles.

Making sure my nails are glammed out for New Years Eve in Miami...
( Yes, my priorities are totally in order ).

And drinking lots of coffee so this doesn't happen.
( Isn't he the cutest? )

P.S. check out the sink skirt I whipped together yesterday!
Our master (aka teeniest ever) bath is finally coming together.
Loving this chocolate ticking bordered in black--goes perfectly with the nearly-black walls and floor. 
So masculine...and restful. More pics to come later :)

I have a few guest posts in store for you dear readers while I'm away. I'll keep the content streaming, though posts will happen a few times a week rather than everyday. But I won't leave you hanging :)


29 December 2011


Hi all!  Hope you had the most wonderful Christmas. I certainly did, but it's so nice to be back in my sweet Carolina. I'm in the midst of gearing up for our big Colombia trip (in three days!), and working on some eye-candy content so I won't leave you readers in the dark for two weeks.

Until then, here's a look into my latest interior loves. I'm always on the hunt for one-of-a-kind finds that infuse a space with interest...those inevitable  conversation sparkers...those pieces you'd perhaps never, ever think to incorporate in a room but make a smashing addition.
Overdyed rug / kaleidoscope art / stacked entry table / crumpled waste bin / olivewood geometric side table / gold and ivory bauble stool / black facet coffee and side tables / pink camel clutch (turned pillow?) / distressed clay pot 
/ white facet side table / brass node 

Stunning, right?

And there you have it--the job of a designer: to find those rare, statement making pieces and pull them all together in a pleasing, well-curated, functional way. 

Interested in any of the above pieces? Many are to-the-trade only. Send me an email and I'd be happy to source them for you!

23 December 2011


A collection of pretty things I'll be sure to enjoy this holiday weekend:

-A gold feather trinket tray, given to me by a good friend
-Luxe, emerald-hued velvet that arrived to my office yesterday
-An antique gold chain necklace that belonged to my great grandmother
-A favorite gritty yet inspiring coffee table book of mine: Changing New York by Berenice Abbott
-My oversized gray and gold leather clutch
-My new Elizabeth and James sunnies...thank you again to Hampden Clothing!

And safe travels wherever you may be going.
See you next week :)


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21 December 2011


If there's one thing I love about these festive winter months, it's a well-thrown holiday fete that mingles high style, savory tastes, an insanely good playlist, and interesting people galore. Be the talk of your holiday-partying crowd and pull together a stylin' soiree with these curated tips, tricks, and recommendations (but I must warn you--guests may never want to leave):




Let the cocktail festivities begin.

We're too on the busy-side to host any Christmas or New Years bashes, but I'm counting down the days til' next holiday season, when hopefully-clear schedules will give way to cocktail sipping and wintertime mingling. 

Have you... or are you... throwing a party? If so--what are your tips for a rockin' good time?


20 December 2011


Don't you just love when you come across a product/website/design/thing that's so incredibly well-done and groundbreaking that you simply can't get it out of your head? I'm quite literally (lit-tral-ly for all you P&R fans) obsessing over the talent, wit, thought, planning, and passion that's so entirely evident in Cavalier's product and identity. And yes...a wee bit jealous that it's for dude's only.

I just love their aesthetic: it's like big city cool meets slow, southern charm. And I'm totally digging the resurgence of the put-together man's man--that well-groomed, style-laden guy that also appreciates good quality, handsome things (and a cold, stout beer) but spends his daydreams riding motorcycles, growing facial hair, and wrestling wild game in the woods (I don't know--all man things?).

So, go check them out...

their website is stellar
their branding amazing
their products are stunning
their photography is enthralling
and their tumblr is amusing.

...and order your dude something dapper for the holidays.
I, apparently, am a huge fan :)

19 December 2011


And let me tell you:

And I. am. so. excited.
Not only am I an abiding coveteur of all-things Elizabeth and James, I was in dire need of some styling new sunnies.  And thanks to Charleston's very own Hampden Clothing, I'll be happily sporting them from here on out, and sending all admirers their way.  After all, no where else in this city (or the east coast, really) will you find such a gush-worthy array of hand-picked, edgey, exclusive designer duds (hanging on a stunning selection of racks) with an unmatched dose of southern hospitality.  I just love their "shop your style" feature that's been carefully curated to your self-professed taste, and their blog is always serving up some incredible fashion inspiration. Take a peek, and like them on facebook--for that's how I won their oh-so-generous giveaway.

Thank you, Hampden girls!


Hi all! Hope your weekend suited you well. Mine was filled with yard work galore (all. those. dang. leaves.), Saturday dinner with good friends followed by a birthday celebration at a favorite, super-cozy Charleston cocktail institution, holiday shopping while strolling historic King Street, wrapped up by an incredibly fun and delicious progressive holiday dinner with best friends. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good Saturday and Sunday :)

Speaking of the progressive dinner--it was so fun! Not to mention easy...and such a brilliant way to enjoy friends' homes all decked out for Christmas.

Maple and I were in charge of the main course, so we whipped up a super savory yet oh-so-easy, comfort-laden dish of basil and parmesan polenta topped with balsamic, garlic roasted cherry tomatoes and parmesan encrusted white-wine chicken. Don't let the long menu fool you: we cooked the polenta in the slowcooker (so it would stay warm while dining on hors d' oeuvres elsewhere) and quickly pan-seared the flattened chicken in a skillet as soon as we made it to our place. Served with crusty, peasant bread and a rich, tangy malbec--it was the perfect make-in-a-hurry meal that's worthy of dinner guests.

So what about you? Have you ever participated in a progressive dinner? I'd love to do it again...any tips you have to share?

16 December 2011


This Friday I'm: 

 Chic, color-block, wear-with-anything pumps.

 Stunningly simple wall art.

 A fall-worthy, big-city, sidewalk-exploring outfit.

 A sunny, city-view window seat.

 The perfect bedside lighting number.

 Neutral but oh-so-interesting drapes.

 This flattering, feminine, casual (or not) blouse.
 Simple, pretty, walk-friendly flats.
 An elegant pair of blushing, crystal table lamps.

The most-perfect-of-all paper weight.

What are you fawning over on this very Friday?

*If not referenced above, photos can be cited via my pinterest.

15 December 2011



She may be one of the most revered style authorities in today's fashion realm, but this girl sure knows how to leave her iconic mark on an interior. Check out her well dressed (and highly coveted) NYC digs:

 I'm mildly obsessed with that luxe velvet sofa.  I'm a sucker for dark, masculine hues, not to 
mention graphic patterns, so this--to me--is perfection.

 Gold. Leather. And high-gloss wood veneer. And check out that hot pink stump in the background! Smoking may be faux-pas these days, but who even cares: cigarettes and matches look mighty chic (so Don Draper) laid out on the coffee table.

 Classic David Hicks wallpaper, extra-large gingham pillows on a diagonal, punched up by Warhol originals.

 A Lalanne hippo by day; a full bar by night. Assuredly there are zero dull conversations happening in this room.

 A rainbow-hued collection of bottles perfectly perched atop stunning burled wood.

And, LSDs guest room--turned closet--turned office. So Marie Antoinette.

Those are the select images I'm swooning over.
Check out the Vogue slideshow and interview for even more eye candy (like...LSD's jewelry drawer).


14 December 2011


A confectionery shower treat.

Not only is it:
Super easy.
Super cheap.
It's super delicious smelling, and is sure to scrub away that scary, winter-dry skin til it's buttery smooth.
Or, perhaps sugary smooth. Either way...it's ahhh-mazing.


3/4 C white sugar
3/4 C brown sugar
1/3 C olive oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
a few drops of honey


Throw it in a mason jar...hop in the shower...and TREAT YO SELF. (Parks & Rec, anyone?? Only my fav...)

Or, wrap some pretty ribbon around it, stick a jingle bell on there, print out a nifty, thrifty cute label, and stuff it in a stocking. You'll be sure to delight whoever's so lucky to receive it.

Speaking of homemade gifts, did you see Cupcakes and Cashmere's holiday bottled spirits? So incredibly cute. I want to make me some!


13 December 2011


In 19 days Maple and I will be setting foot on a jetliner and hopping across the Caribbean for a two-week rendezvous to here:

We'll be gallivanting across the mountains, cities, and seascapes of Colombia with two other close-friend-couples (one of those being a Colombian...hence the destination). With holiday chaos inevitably mounting, I'm making a major attempt to get everything organized and packed prior to our Christmas pilgrimage home.

Here's a look into my so-called travel essentials:
The must-haves to make any trip easy, breezy...and for your bag to stay under that 50 lb mark.

1.  Nars lipstick in Heat Wave // pucker up your lips for all those travel photos
2.  Yellow banded bracelet // punch up any outfit with cheap jewelry you won't shed tears over losing
3.  Big, bold scarf // bundle-up in the mountains...cover-up on the beach
4.  Glitzy playing cards // because they'll make any plane ride (or late night) that much funner
5.  Handsome, sturdy carry-on // anni-gift from My Maple that I can't wait to tote along
6.  Yummy reading material // enthralling love story entangled with NYC's 1970's art scene
7.  Bold, sporty bikini // because you never know what beach-bound adventures may arise
8.  Pint-sized, pocket video camera // bring home all those travel memories in HD!
9.  Comfy, printed flats // these flats were made for walkin'...& punching up any daytime, tourist garb
10. Oversized clutch // daytime. nighttime. anytime.
11. Ultra-cool aviators // buy them once...look cool forever.

Happy travels!


*Big thank you to Sarah for referencing the bandeau top!

12 December 2011


Falling cold rain + sniffles, sneezes, and chills means I'm longing to curl up in one of these cozy abodes:

[ all photos sourced on my pinterest...follow me! ]

So today's post is short, but sweet. 
Don't you just love the lush textures and jewel-tone hues in the above photos?
Cozy. Calming. Warm...and indulgent.

Hope it inspires your week's beginning, and that yours is less dreary than mine.