21 August 2012


I, by no means, would ever describe my style to be uber feminine. Yes, I'm a sucker for pink lipstick, a polished manicure, and saucey sky-high heels...but when it comes to home decor, I'm typically drawn toward an edgier aesthetic. Fuchsia damask (or...any damask, really) just ain't my thing.

With that said, I do entirely realize the power of  well-placed pops of pink, and just how much interest and warmth they lend to an otherwise neutral palette. There's good reason why electric-hued orchids have long been a stylist's best friend: they add an undeniable amount of life to whatever space they adorn. Pink doesn't have to be just for the girls...it's all in how you use it, and where you use it. It's powerful, inviting, and can even offer an air of sophistication if you so-choose. The proof is in the interiors below, and their designers--who totally realized the power of pink.

Go get you some pink.

10 August 2012


Hope yours is off to a good start. Mine certainly is:

My Maple and I needed a little reprieve from the monotony of our busy, stressful mornings. So I stole him away to the beach, where we shared a sunrise breakfast of scones, banana bread, and cinnamon doughnut muffins.  I'm convinced everything tastes better by the salty waves of the ocean...when the world is quiet...where you're emphatically reminded that God is big and great, and your soul can be cleansed as easily as dissipating footprints in the foamy sand.

I heart mornings.
Especially those that are ocean-bound.
Now back to a busy day of what we call work...