20 December 2011


Don't you just love when you come across a product/website/design/thing that's so incredibly well-done and groundbreaking that you simply can't get it out of your head? I'm quite literally (lit-tral-ly for all you P&R fans) obsessing over the talent, wit, thought, planning, and passion that's so entirely evident in Cavalier's product and identity. And yes...a wee bit jealous that it's for dude's only.

I just love their aesthetic: it's like big city cool meets slow, southern charm. And I'm totally digging the resurgence of the put-together man's man--that well-groomed, style-laden guy that also appreciates good quality, handsome things (and a cold, stout beer) but spends his daydreams riding motorcycles, growing facial hair, and wrestling wild game in the woods (I don't know--all man things?).

So, go check them out...

their website is stellar
their branding amazing
their products are stunning
their photography is enthralling
and their tumblr is amusing.

...and order your dude something dapper for the holidays.
I, apparently, am a huge fan :)

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