29 June 2009

Please...come in.

I've been so excited to post this amazing interior belonging to Annie, my good friend and business partner. Together we run "ella mint," which is our new & exciting venture that transforms sad & abandoned pieces into "fresh and happy furnishings." Well, Annie's home is the epitome of fresh and happy. She has such an amazing eye and an adventurous flair to her decorating...everything in her house is so unexpected yet pieces together so well. I absolutely had to share it with you. And the best part, you ask? Nearly every piece of furniture in her home was found on the curb or discovered amidst the rummage of flea markets and garage sales. Cheery paint colors and happy fabrics transformed this home into a chic & thrifty retreat. ENJOY!!

So Annie and her son, Asher, live in Lexington, Kentucky. And, if you ask me, he might just be the luckiest 8 year-old ever...I mean, his very own white, glossy parson's desk? And did you see that tree house? It rocks!!

But, I must say, part of the reason I'm so thrilled to feature this home is to give readers a glimpse into Lexington. Our city for so long has been regarded as somewhat snobby and very classic and preppy, and I love that I'm able to show such a different side to it. Lifestyles in this city are changing...& thanks to people like Annie who aren't afraid to pick up that amazing chair just because it's on the curb. So yay for Lexington!

And, if you happen to be enamored with Annie's home & any of the design elements within, feel free to shoot me an email. If you'd like some custom furniture from "ella mint," we'd be oh-so happy to arrange a consultation.

Have a wonderful afternoon and, most importantly, happy dwelling!

26 June 2009

Weathered love.

As much as I love bright colors and cheery spaces, nothing tugs at my heart more than weathered & rustic elements of design. I can't quite put my finger on the appeal--maybe it's the character that comes with an aged and overly-loved piece, or the mystery and charm behind its story. Either way, I've been enveloped in dreams of a weathered home and all the rusted, dented things I would strategically place within its airy walls. Luxurious linen curtains, my mom's old pie safe, the barn door that we're converting into a dining room table...galvanized metal buckets, mason jars, farm fresh eggs in tattered wire baskets...oh my. An exceptionally amazing farmhouse sink, exposed wooden beams, old wooden windows. A white, ruffled shower curtain, and a ticking-stripe skirt hanging from the kitchen sink. Someday...I hope.

So enjoy your weekend. May my dreams of all-things rustic inspire you to embrace the things you love.

the lovely images above may be accredited to:
Lara Ferroni
the lulubird

Be sure to check back in Monday...I'll be giving you a peek into a most magnificent home.

24 June 2009

Dear Santa, won't you come early?

I'd really appreciate it, seeing that my wallet may never allow for any of these items to appear in my home. Therefore, I will have to rely on your, umm, rather bouyant rudolph to somehow land on my sweltering, clay tile roof, and for you to pummel your rotund little self and your very heavy bag (as it will be loaded down with very heavy trunks from Anthropologie) down my narrow, soot-ridden chimney. But, I've been quite good this year, and feeling rather deserving of a 6-month treat. I'll make you extra yummy cookies with ghiradeli chocolate chips...I'll even pour you an ice cold glass of organic milk. Won't you please make the visit?

Tunic: Free People. Pillow: Jonathon Adler. Sunglasses: Swell. Tea cup & trunks: Anthropologie. Sandals: Christian Louboutin. Print: Keep Calm Galleries.


A very, very warm thank-you to Creature Comforts for the amazing mention. I'm so excited! If you have yet to pay the blog a visit, you absolutely must do so now. Its one especially near & dear to me--as I check it...mmm...about 4 times a day :) Most definitely one of my favorite sources of inspiration! It's a reliable provider of my daily creative fix...and should be yours as well.

22 June 2009

20 June 2009

A lovely congrats...

...to Allison!! The very first winner of a maple & shade give-a-way. I hope you're enjoying your Saturday, and that this winning makes it that much better. Be sure to email me at mapleandshade@gmail.com so I can gather shipping info from you :)

And a BIG thank you to all for your kind comments as well as your support. It made my week so amazing--and I'm so appreciative. Thank you!!

*photo via flickr. see it here.

18 June 2009

Cheers to a good Friday.

Looking for something fun and a little different to fill up your Friday evening? For those of you in or around Lexington, check out this local event:

Renowned shutterbug Amy Murphy will display gorgeous poster size canvases and prints featuring a mix of natural and urban subjects. The Woodland Computers staff will be on hand for crowd control and general street cred.

Friday, June 19, 2009
5:00pm - 8:00pm
Woodland Computers
507 E. High St

So, if you're even slighty interested in the gallery hop, just take a peek at Amy's amazing photos above, or pay a visit to her flickr page. That might really convince you to go give her your local support :)

Have a delightful Friday!! & hope to see you there.

17 June 2009

On a side note...

Our lovely wedding photographer, Adrian Hitt, just contacted me. A few of our wedding photos are currently being showcased on her blog for those of you who'd like to see. Click here to sneak a peak....and have such a wonderful night!

Cafe au lait, please.

So if I could do anything with my days, and really anything, I'd open a teenie little neighborhood coffee shoppe (with the pe, of course). Half of the shoppe would be a retail area/show room for my furniture and home textile concoctions, but the other side would be designed to entice local residents to relax over a steamy, simple cup of joe. I'd keep my offerings local & as inexpensive as possible. I'd scour flea markets and garage sales for each and every lonely cup and saucer out there, and I'd gather them all on rustic shelves to serve the coffee in. I'd collect well-loved books and keep them in stacks around the store for customers to peruse while they're present. I'd revamp tired walls with chalkboard paint so kiddos could draw to their hearts content while their parents enjoyed themselves beneath my random assortment of sidewalk umbrellas. I'd showcase local art, and sell the best free-trade coffee beans by the ound from over-sized burlap sacks. I'd put an amazing, mint green vintage stove to good use, and would have each of my employees wear amazing little aprons (if they're girls, of course). I'd even invite pups to the patio, and would the hubby and friends play live music during the evenings. Okay, okay...I could go on and on, so I may as well stop this day dream now. If only I could make this happen... :)

13 June 2009

My gift...to you.

So I've decided to do a little maple & shade free-for-all. Yes, I'm giving one of you readers a spiffy assortment of treasures from a local shop here in Lexington...The Black Market. And I decided to throw in an amazing set of blue & white porcelain measuring spoons from the beloved Anthropologie. So, if you'd like to be eligible to receive a nifty & free package in the mail, please do the following:

  • For 1 entry, please leave a comment about this particular posting.
  • For 2 entries, find "The Daily Maple" on the sidebar of the blog, and become a follower. Each of my dedicated followers will have their name put in the hat twice.
  • For 3 entries, feel free to post a blurb about my give-a-way on your blog, and email me that you've done so. mapleandshade@gmail.com
The deadline to enter the give-a-way is next Friday, June 19 @ midnight. I will randomly select and announce the winner Saturday morning, June 21...so make sure you check back in! I'll be summoning mailing info from whoever I pull out of that hat :)

So now all you have to do is comment & spread the word! YAY! And if you've yet to discover the array of treasures tucked within The Black Market (and you're in Lexington, of course)...pay them a visit. They have the must fun assortment of home goods, gifts, jewelry, clothing & shoes. And super cute baby accoutrements. Not to mention that eclectic vibe that is oh-so contagious. They're located at 516 E. High Street, and they're doors are wide open Monday through Saturday from 11-6.

Enjoy your Saturday!! And good luck to you!

12 June 2009

Just bike it.

I have a bike crush. Her name is Jenny. She's yellow. And brown. With zig-zag stitching. It was crush at first sight. But there's a competitor, vying for my affection. Her name is Cream. Admittedly, not as pretty of a name as Jenny, but her good-looks & undeniable charm make up for that lacking.

Now let me introduce you to Coffee. He's dark and handsome...with an air of confidence that comes with being lean and well-built. I think he and my husband would get along quite nicely.

How cute is this little number? I'm totally thinking of having her printed and hanging her in my house as a friendly little reminder to bike it whenever I can.

Hmm...if I got Jenny, I could change my # to 867-5309. Added benefit. :)

So, Jenny or Cream? Any thoughts?

11 June 2009

Vintage bliss...in the kitchen.

So another day of work is done...and now it's time to dream. What is it that I'm longing for today, you ask? Why, vintage refrigerators, of course. Although I'm trying very hard to "live in the moment" and "appreciate life as it is now," (which I do, I promise! I love my life!) I can't help but get a wee-bit weak in the knees when I envision one of these beauties sitting pretty in my kitchen someday.

Last night Corey and I spent far too long on this site trying to determine which color would fit just perfectly in our dreams. We decided a light, baby blue that has a hint of gray to it. I also quite like that happy yellow fridge. Oh my...

*above images via www.bigchillfridge.com

Don't you think this baby blue...

would look amazing in this kitchen?

I'd add some more pops of color, of course.
Like maybe this fabric as cafe curtains in the window.

And, I'd have an amazing, rustic-looking chalk-board wall with hooks to hang all of my mugs/tea cups...and of course for the kiddos and the hubs to write love notes on...

And, last but most certainly not least...I'd crown my kitchen jewel with a dutch door leading to my herb garden.
Yes...I'll keep dreaming. Sweet, sweet dreams of baking chocolate chip cookies everyday in this kitchen. Yes, C, I promise to make you CCC everyday if we can create this beauty :)

I want to hear your thoughts on vintage appliances! (or, I guess I should say vintage-remakes...) Would you ever purchase one for your kitchen?

08 June 2009

Villa la....i miss you.

I've got that travel itch. I'm longing for an amazing get-a-way that rivals any one place I've ever been before. Seeing that our bank account won't exactly allow for such an adventure at the moment, the only easement is reminiscing. In Argentina.

Corey and I were blessed beyond reason to have spent 2 weeks of our 3-week honeymoon in South American bliss. This escapade consisted of splitting our time between the pristine, cozy little town of Villa La Angostura--which is nestled amongst the cascading peaks of the Andes in the Patagonia region. The rest of our time...in Buenos Aires, the Paris of the south. And this, it truly was.

So...I invite you to reminisce with me :)