30 March 2009

On a side note.

I really want the focus of this blog to orient around good design. However, I am a firm (and I will reiterate--firm) believer that good design does not have to come with a high price tag, or, any price tag for that matter. In fact, three of my most favorite decorating resources are garage sales, flea markets, and curbside treasures. I really love the challenge that "thrifty" decorating presents, and would love to showcase creative decorating ideas that are inspiring in their unique quality as well as their inexpensive derivatives.

With that said, please feel free to send me any of your own pictures or ideas you have for such decorating / design redos. I would love to showcase any and all of the inspiration that I feel fits into the element of this blog. It's as easy as clicking on the "email me" link on the right-hand side of my page. Thanks so much...I'm excited!

Simply because she was being cute. That shaggy, mess of a dog we call Poppy.

Monday Funday.

I'm so excited for this Monday afternoon, simply because it's beautiful outside. Somewhat on the chilly side still, but the skies are so blue, and I'm finally being reminded why I love Kentucky so much in the springtime. C and I spent the weekend out in Paris, which is 30 minutes north of Lexington, with our best of friends Grant and Kendall. G & K bought this amazing old gem in beautiful Paris, which is this quaint horse-farm town scattered with really cool antique stores and mom-and-pop restaurants. Anyway, our friends are in the process of renovating this gorgeous house, so C and I gave them our time and hands this weekend and had so much fun in return (I mean, what gets much better than skate boarding at midnight after painting and eating the best-ever mexican food?). And, I can't wait to show you pictures of the projects we've been working on. Kendall has this amazing style that combines every decorating aspect I love, so eye candy for the blog is sure to come. Hope you all had just as much fun this weekend!

I'm also pretty excited to share that the stuffed red velvet cookies turned out just as delicous (or maybe even more) than the recipe sounded. They were a little on the time consuming side, but glorious none-the-less. They're a pretty brilliant concoction--I mean, why didn't I ever think of this? Not too sweet, until you bight into the cream cheese pocket that's so cleverly tucked into the center of such chocolatey goodness. And there's even a bonus: they look pretty darn cute piled high on a cake plate. If you have the time, or really want to impress, these are a must, and can be found here.

27 March 2009

Cloudy Day, Sunny Kitchen

Today's been one of those busy days filled with not-so-fun things that you're obligated to get done...like...taxes. Although it's chilly and gloomy outdoors, the gorgeous shade of pink peeking from the petals of a tree outside my window gives me hope that spring is on the brink. Which...makes me want to bake. So, I'm going to make quite the inevitable mess in my cozy little kitchen and whip up this new recipe passed along from my friend/fellow cooking connoisseur Kendall.

The only thing that could make this afternoon a teenie bit more indulgent is if I was baking away in this lovely kitchen, found via Set Design Thinking.

And hopefully, if all goes well in that kitchen of mine, I'll have some lovely pictures of my new confections to show on Monday. Happy Weekend!!

26 March 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

...or don't, but only if I can curl up in this bed as the rain taps on the window.

I'm smitten with the vintage wire basket at the end of the bed and the cheery striped throw. I love yellow, but only as an accent--and I love how unexpected it is in this room.

What better to do on a dreary, drizzly day than dream of things that make you happy. These make me happy, thanks to flickr.

25 March 2009

Life & Loves

So, the blog has been on hiatus for the past few months, and an update is in definite order. But that will have to wait. As I sit here on my new gray couch (swoon!) sipping a glass of cabernet and munching on my most favorite white cheddar popcorn (while my hubby plays Dr. Mario, of course), I can't help but feel so excited and inspired about personal ventures that I simply can't wait to undertake (more to come--I promise). The vast majority of my free time is spent perusing (and drooling over) amazing design blogs and websites, and I compile each and every tidbit of "inspiration" in organized folders on my desktop. So, tonight, as the soothing sound of rain pelts our clay tile roof, with glass of wine in hand, I've revisited each and every picture that excites my heart. And I must share. Enjoy! I hope they make you swoon just as they do me.

My idea of heaven, you ask? This.

THE most beautimous pillows from the store Ink & Peat in Portland, Oregon. The owner has an amazing blog, housemartin, which inspired our wedding flowers.

This photograph made me spill my wine. Thank goodness I wasn't sitting in that amazingly creamy chair.

I would most certainly spend every waking moment I had, here. Via Cottage Living.

The epitome of cottage chic, also Cottage Living.