24 October 2012


So, I've been a little under the weather as-of-late. Seems like everyone is fighting off these turn-of-the season colds. If there's one thing I don't feel like when I'm sniffling and sneezing...it's lady-like. Perhaps that's why it's been on my radar so much these past few days? Classicism...elegance...exquisite attention to detail:

All pretty, classic, elegant things...no?
Perfectly fit for a lady.

What are your favorite lady-like indulgences? Do share.

*all photos via my pinterest

19 October 2012


Was a really, really good day.

First and foremost, I'm insanely blessed to be married to such thoughtful man...one that knows me better than anyone else in the world. Case in point: I came home yesterday afternoon to a candlelit living room and this gem hiding in the corner:

A fiddle leaf fig tree! And, the most beautiful one I've ever ever seen. I've been feverishly hoping for one ever since I fostered the fiddle tree that found its final home in the waiting room of the dental office I designed last fall. Isn't she gorge?! I'm beyond ecstatic...

Anyhow, the tree and the candles were all in honor of this:

I found myself wishing last night that I will someday have a daughter...who will someday want to wear my wedding dress. Highly unlikely, but hey...I can hope.

So yesterday I made my Maple a manly breakfast, aka, a manfast. Poor dude usually eats oatmeal. I figured he was deserving of meat and potatoes...in one of their best forms.

And then we had coffee and croissants...from our very favorite French bakery.
{Thank you, and congrats Matt & Erin!!!}

And then we made an anni-worthy meal. Aren't these veggies stunning?
Maple knows I love purple potatoes...yes...only because they're purple. 

And Maple wore his wedding tie.

And our quaint little house was all aglow.
See my fiddle tree back there...peeking out from the corner?
She perfectly balances the height of my coveted peacock chair, and really makes the room feel complete. Oh how I love her....

A very happy Thursday makes for waking up to a perfect Friday morning.
I'm working from the couch this morning...decidedly next to my tree...enjoying her view.


17 October 2012


Mirrors have been at the top of my designer radar as-of-late, especially when used in large doses. A warning though: you have to be careful with mirrors, as they can easily escalate towards what I would call...tacky. But, when the quality is high, and the lines are kept on the side of clean and simple, a wall of mirrors can greatly amplify the perceived space of a room, all-the-while creating an ambiance of elegance and warmth.

Just take a peek at my favorite examples of such brilliant achievements:

All gorgeous, right? The key is absolutely in the execution...and the simplicity, I think.
And did you notice the commonality within each of the photos? Antiqued glass. So classic and elegant, bringing what could very well be a flashy wall of mirrors down to a much more approachable and livable level. Love.

And speaking of love, that's pretty much the feeling I have towards this gem:

A large-scale, antiqued glass, aged brass leaner mirror, complete with a riveted frame. I'm using her (and several of her sisters) to make what will be a stunning statement in a client's home. Can't wait to get these babies installed...and photos taken...and posted for you to see. Soon, my pretties...soon!!!

So, what do you think? Are you digging the mirrored walls as much as I am? 

15 October 2012


I would venture to say this is true in all walks of business and life, no? But especially in design. It's true: we can't spend our precious hours worrying over mistakes being made, or we'll never be able to realize the full potential of our creativity. If there's one thing I've learned thus far, it's to trust your gut. And perhaps my own gut will start to listen, as I just spent three days agonizing over the finishing touches in a client's dining room, only to pull the trigger on my original instinct.

And speaking of design, I'm immensely blessed to do what I love most in the world, and to spend my days at my (above) desk, in my very own office, surrounded by the things that inspire me most, as I work incredibly hard to create that same inspiring environment in my clients' own homes. But it's funny what comes with the territory of "owning your own business." It seems that most people have a contrived impression that I do not in fact work, but instead spend all day everyday drinking mimosas and writhing over which color to paint my dog's toenails. Hmm...how did they ever know?

And speaking of clients, I just sent off a design board for a master bedroom redo that includes THE Fiorentina, as seen above in this wine/magenta pillow. It's going to be yummy...

And yummy falls short in describing just what's in store for another client's living/dining space. I quite literally squealed with excitement when our custom drapes trimmed in a rich cobalt greek key arrived on my doorstep. And see that Java Java fretwork fabric? We're currently waiting for her to be printed and shipped. She's definitely worth the (forever long) wait!

Anyway...back to work (whaa??)

How many of you own your own business, or are in the midst of risking everything to make a life out of what you love most in this world? I wish you all they very best, and hope that everyone reading this post may realize their passions and dreams in some form or fashion. Cheers to the pursuit of dreams...and...


10 October 2012


Isn't this weather amazing? Hope your fall is treating you just as perfectly well as my own Charleston's is. Crisp, swirling-leaf breezes coupled with open office windows and simmering, stovetop espresso make me one happy working lady.

Speaking of the office, lots going on this week in the studio: wrapping up an event design (shin dig's happening this Friday)...starting on design plans for a modern downtown condo...finishing off details for major house project (and planning final install)...and coordinating custom cushions and install of gorgie drapes for another condo rehab. Not to mention feeling super blessed about ALL of the above!!

Oh, and see that aged iron chandelier in the photos above? Mr. Billy Cotton is in the midst of finishing that beauty off for me. She'll soon be hanging in my Kentucky client's dining room. I have goosebumps just thinking about it :)


*all photos pulled from my tumblr and pinterest.

08 October 2012


Y'all. Let me tell you: I have an amazing family. I'm seriously blessed to be surrounded and inspired by a number of brilliant artists, who are all insanely talented in their own regard.

 Just one of those artists is my brother-in-law, AJ--his inherent talents continually blow us away. He composes (aka "scores") music for documentaries, and is quickly becoming highly revered within the film industry for his (excuse my french) bad ass music writing capabilities. We couldn't be more proud of our brother and best friend. Except that he composed several musical scores for Blood Brother, a film that's making giant waves amongst the documentary world. Check it out for yourself...before it hits Sundance :)

The trailer itself is soul-wrenching. Just imagine what the film, in its entirety, will be...

I'm beyond proud..and inspired...and moved...and am bursting at the seams to watch these brilliant minds document just how beautiful human life is...and can be.

Check it out for yourself, my friends: