29 September 2010


 {Nestled In}

love love LOVE her style and eye. 
it's the little things.
which is why i love photos.
these capture that perfectly.


my hopes and dreams for fall are becoming a reality.
i really couldn't be more thrilled.
cheers to cooler weather, amazing shoes, cropped sweaters, and pumpkin bread.
i'm excited to see you, October.

28 September 2010


my etsy shop: The Maple Studio of Paper Goods.

pretty calling card templates available for purchase.
business cards.
mom cards.
anything-you-can-think-of cards.
like a design? i'll customize it with your info. it's then yours to send to the printer.
check it out. the above is a mere sampling of designs. and keep your eyes peeled--i'll be continually updating the shop with new templates.


i love Charleston. i really do.
it's cozy. and eclectic. and flooded with history and sunshine.
living on the water is incredible. the marshland, especially.
and who can begrudge the beach?
the food...is endless. and it's really good food.
low and behold, we even have celeb sightings.
i like riding my bike. and walking to work.
the charm is endless, and it's only 8 hours from family.


there's still a very large, all-consuming part of me that wants to live in NYC.

27 September 2010


morning, sunshines.
hope your weekends treated you oh-so-well, and that your mondays are off to a good start.
mine certainly is, thanks in part to Sarah of tiny bit of sparkle. she just posted a blogger interview she conducted with me...my very first. so hop and skip on over to her blog, and check it out.

22 September 2010


sorry for the lack of posting, friends, but are are at the beach. internet is spotty and family time prevails, so the blog will be vacationing alongside me the rest of the week :)


before i'm lost to the sand and the waves, i want to send a big congrats to Jen, the winner of the tea towel giveaway. be sure and email me, mapleandshade@gmail.com, so i can pass along your info to the lovely pony and poppy!

16 September 2010

don't forget

today's the very last day to get your entry in for the tea towel give-a-way.

she'd look o-so-pretty in that kitchen of yours.

one of each, please.

15 September 2010

happy in the morning.

{photos via happpynesss and mary ruffle}

14 September 2010

Because your closet said so.

And so did your wallet.

Yes, as I said, purging my closet of all things un-worn.
Including these Dolce Vita "Joni" boots that I've worn twice--one of those times being around the house.
I LOVE them. They're AWESOME. I paid over $200 for them. But my style has become a bit more casual and I really never have any occasion to wear them, so they might as well go to some feet that will really rock them well. Asking $100 for them, as they're in near-perfect condition.

Email me if interested: mapleandshade@gmail.com.

13 September 2010

this is all i need

to have the most perfect fall wardrobe.
so excited about layering. and boots. and jackets. and scarves. and leggings.
i really kind of dislike summer clothing.
good thing we moved to Charleston, where it's never not summer.

anyway, totally on a purging kick. going through my closet this week and saying a final goodbye to all those clothes that perpetually hang and are never worn. there's so many of them. what am i doing hanging on to pink and white striped tank tops from college? yes, some good memories involved, but that's about it. they scare me half to death every time i open the door...thinking i might be too tired one morning to notice and accidentally slip one on. i'm so over that--trends, no more. making a pact with myself to only buy classic, basic pieces that can easily be dressed up or down and layered. oh, and shoes. lots and lots of pretty, perfect shoes :)

i could do wonders with this wardrobe:

PERFECTLY perfect. did i say perfect? because it's perfect.

08 September 2010

September give-a-way.

So, I told you I was back :)

Anyhow...in celebration of fall (which the rest of you are most likely experiencing while I sweat, jealously, in 80 degree weather and intense humidity) I'm giving away an amazing linen tea towel from the incredibly talented (not to mention generous) Pony and Poppy. I stumbled across her adorable etsy shop while perusing for some lovely handmade goods and fell in love with her perfectly simple tea towels. So now's your chance to hang one in that cute kitchen or bathroom of yours--simply follow the rules below and check back the morning of Friday September 17th to see if you've won! Oh, and check out the goods below :)

For one entry:
Leave a comment below this post! For those of you readers that aren't registered google members, I believe you can comment anonymously. If that's the route you choose, be sure to leave me your name in the comment so I can be sure to identify you if you win!

For two entries:
Become a follower and leave me a comment telling me you've done so (below this post only, please).

For three entries:
Post about this give-a-way on that amazing blog of yours and send me a link to it in a comment (below this post) or to my inbox, mapleandshade@gmail.com.

Thanks, dear readers, and good luck! And a HUGE thank you to Pony and Poppy!

back in black.

okay, yes...i haven't blogged in for-ev-errr. and for that, i am sorry. somehow life got crazy...really crazy...and i haven't really had the time or really been in the mood. i guess my creativity was a bit lacking. but--i am back, my friends, and dressed in black. or at least really wanting to be:

i don't know what it is about this fall, but the designers are rocking it...leaving me with a mile-long wishlist. Acne did it perfectly with those pumps, and Alexander Wang? He's untouchable in my book. Especially those bags of his. That clutch pretty much needs me. I think we could be life-long friends.