15 December 2011



She may be one of the most revered style authorities in today's fashion realm, but this girl sure knows how to leave her iconic mark on an interior. Check out her well dressed (and highly coveted) NYC digs:

 I'm mildly obsessed with that luxe velvet sofa.  I'm a sucker for dark, masculine hues, not to 
mention graphic patterns, so this--to me--is perfection.

 Gold. Leather. And high-gloss wood veneer. And check out that hot pink stump in the background! Smoking may be faux-pas these days, but who even cares: cigarettes and matches look mighty chic (so Don Draper) laid out on the coffee table.

 Classic David Hicks wallpaper, extra-large gingham pillows on a diagonal, punched up by Warhol originals.

 A Lalanne hippo by day; a full bar by night. Assuredly there are zero dull conversations happening in this room.

 A rainbow-hued collection of bottles perfectly perched atop stunning burled wood.

And, LSDs guest room--turned closet--turned office. So Marie Antoinette.

Those are the select images I'm swooning over.
Check out the Vogue slideshow and interview for even more eye candy (like...LSD's jewelry drawer).


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