16 October 2009


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Trying to pack,

to take a trip,

to the sea coast,

where time drifts slowly,

to celebrate our very first wedding anniversary.

Cheers to a lovely October weekend.

13 October 2009


How very much I love this season, and everything that comes with it. The wondrous, brisk air that beckons cozy scarves and knee-high boots; warm nights in front of the crackling fire with a cup of frothy cocoa in hand; hand-in-hand walks through our historic, tree-lined neighborhood, tripping over one another's feet because we are unable to divert our eyes from God's magnificent display of colors in the treetops; pumpkin carving and chili feasting around the fire pit, in the backyard, with all the ones we love. Dearest fall, I simply adore you.

warm, rustic dining.
and the accompaniment of best friends.
boots. oh, boots.
and oh, that distressed wood.

Our pumpkins. *

hay bails.

and books.

thoughts of Our wedding.

yellow leaves.


cold, dark, cozy rain.

again, fireplaces.
deep, dark paint colors.

* is my own photo.
furthermore, each of the above photos is linked to its original owner.
So there you have it. My utmost adoration for fall. Enjoy your night, as I am nestled in next to the fire, awaiting my hubby to join me for a delicious bite of pot roast.


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I know what you're thinking. Or, have been thinking. Some blogger I am. Or was...for that matter. The truth, though, lies in a little implicaton called my "real job," and, "the real world." Yes, I've been busy. So busy that I had to give up (for a short while) this silly little thing I like to call my creative outlet. So, alas, I return. Here's to daydreaming, and sharing those daydreams with you. Here's to maple and shade. Lovely to see you again :)