31 May 2009

Season of sun.

Just a few of my most favorite summer delights.

Can't wait to indulge in my delights!
All photos complements of the addiction flickr. :)

29 May 2009


It's what I'm in. With that husband of mine. As the days pass by and my life grows shorter, I begin to value the little things in life...and the simple. Not that love is really either of those things, but hand-holding is. And so is a walk down the street, with him. An extra long hug. Or a drive around the block with all the windows down and your feet out the window....with him. We had date last night. And it was so fun. Which is why I'm being so mushy. But, I just have to say, I'm so in love. And so happy to share every little bit of my life, with him.

And, if you have yet to set aside a date night, I would totally recommend it. It's so fun.

My absolute favorite photograph from our wedding. It'such an
amazing reminder of how blessed I am to have C.

And here, a link to our ahh-mazing wedding photographer's site. Just some fun eye candy for those of you perusing the web. And yes, that's me, Corey & Poppy on the opening page :)

Have a love-ing weekend!! I'm spend mine at the lake, with the best of friends. Yay for C not having to work! Enjoy :)

26 May 2009

Memorializing the Day.

Nothing in life seems more precious than indulging in the simplest pleasures and sharing them with those you love. I did exactly that...and made a long weekend out of it. A glimpse, below.

My niece, Radiance, who I adore....especially when she says her prayers before beddie and asks to pray for "Auntie Hannah."

The boys, headed down the creek on a mission. They succeeded. We had a delicious craw fish boil for dinner.

I mean...I think I took a trillion pictures of this child. Here she is with her dress tied up just enough to see that little butt of hers. And there's my Poppy, swimming and splashing with Radiance. Too stinking cute.

Getting some practice :) Or at least I wish. Anyhow, I've got my little niece Sheva strapped to me, ready to wade down the waters of the creek.

The two most genuinely beautiful women I know--my sisters.

View of the back of Corey's mom's house from the creek. I adore this stately view--the stone walls, the barn to the right, the endless bed of green....enchanting, and exactly why we had our wedding reception here.

My sis Camille and that baby girl of hers.

Hope your weekend was just as simple and wonderful. I'm so sad Camilly and the girls are heading back to Cali, but how lucky I am to have them as family, and be able to spend such an amazing day with them.

25 May 2009

Happy day.

High hopes that you have the happiest Memorial Day. Mine will surely consist of doing the things that make me happiest: making yummy pancakes for my hubby, whirling up some of my honeymoon coffee in my french press, and spending the entire day with my family, memorializing those we cannot be with any longer. Can't wait to splash around in the creek with my little niece, and enjoy every ounce of love that's shared between my fam. C's older brother, sister and her two baby girls are in from California, so I'm going to spend my day cherishing this time I get to spend with each of them. Words can't describe just how blessed I am to have married into this amazing family who has taught me how to love with every fold and corner in my heart. I'm so excited it's memorial day, and so excited to live the life that I have been given. I pray you enjoy yours just as much! Have a happy one :)

*image via the blog Design Is Mine

22 May 2009

My sister.

So, a glimpse into my what my weekend entails. So, she's not truly my sister, but I love her so very much--it's what I like to call her :) My sister-in-law and her amazing hubby are celebrating their wedding, that took place on May 10, with an amazing reception out at her mom's home in the country. I'm so excited to be able to spend this time with my wonderful Maple family, and I wanted to show you all just how beautiful she is...and how amazing their wedding day was. So wish them luck with Saturday's festivities...let's hope that daunting rain holds off! Can't wait to jump out on that dance floor and celebrate the marriage of two of my most favorite people....ever. :)

21 May 2009

The Freshest.

Yay!! So we finally have our internet up and running again! Whoever would've thought you could suffer from internet withdrawals. I mean, unhealthy...right? At the very least I was awakened to other glorious activities...such as gardening. I'm so excited to say that I got my hands a little dirty and planted some herbs. No more buying a huge packet of herbs at the grocery and only using one measly leaf! I can't wait til they start sprouting and I can watch them grow....and furthermore...I really can't wait til I can throw a few fresh sprigs in with my culinary concoctions. Hmm...this maybe has been the best day ever :)

16 May 2009

Kitchen Conundrum.

Conundrum, indeed.  Attempting to figure out how and when I will ever have a kitchen such as these.  Even though we are way far away from home ownership, I keep perusing real-estate websites and dreaming of how I could revamp the old gems that no one else seems to want.  And what would I jump on first? That kitchen of course!! Look at these lovelies...

*all photos thanks to the ever-amazing Flickr.

08 May 2009

Okay, there's more...

You can bet my child will look like this.  Or else, he better.

Above images via The Sartorialist. An absolute favorite of mine.

Fashion Frenzie.

I mean, it's all I can think about.  Must get my fix.  Dying to go good-willing/estate sale-ing/ebay-ing.  And, forever21-ing.  Discovering all these amazing new blogs definitely does not help.

06 May 2009

Rainy days and happy thoughts...

For my C.  He's so perfectly great...for me. 
Thanks to Kate.

Kiddo artwork.  Can't wait to someday, far far away, decorate with these of my own :)


Love this saying. Hope I can live by this. Found here.

I've been so bad...

Soo, my blogging slump is officially over.  It's not that I've been in a slump--just so busy with a  new marketing job (and life itself) that I've hardly had the free time I need or want to create the glorious eye candy I so badly want to post.  So while several of my good friends are basking in the sun on the beach right now (getting married...so excited for them!), I'm store-sitting at Helen's Boutique (come see me!!) and catching up on my over-due blogging.

First things first: one of my dearest friends from college just had the most amazing little girl, Kennedy Brooke.  I've felt so overwhelmed by this pregnancy and birth, simply because I feel as if I've crossed a major milestone with her.  I mean, after all, she was the first to marry and have a baby.  I mean...she has this child that is half of her.  I know, I know...sad, but true: I am still in shock over this.  I walked into that hospital room last Thursday as the nurse placed little Ken in Brit's arms, and we all burst into the happiest, most amazing tears of all-time.  And all Brit could muster out was, "she's so awesome."  I mean, really, could she be any cuter?  No. She could  not.  And I am so overjoyed for Brit & her amazing husband Dave.  Congrats you two.  You have such a blessing to look upon and love each and every moment of your lives from here on out.  And I will be with you every step of the way :) YAY!!!

The new parents!!! How cute is this fam? And how amazing does Brit look for just giving birth?
And, yes, little Kennedy has a full head of the darkest hair just like her daddy's :) 
So stinking cute.

I mean, smiling already? Are you serious. Love her.

The best of everything to Brit & Dave, and now little K.  Love you all so very much.