29 April 2010

i gotta bike.

....and we're in love.
i just bought her a basket. she looks extra cute. can't wait to show you more pics.
just rode her to lunch...at a little french restaurant.
yes, today is an extra-good day.
check out my friend Bea's blog, too.
she started the same love affair with this mint beauty.

but now she needs a name. yes, i think she is worthy of a name.
any ideas? would love to hear.

28 April 2010

en la cocina: eggplant surprise

so, if you've been reading, you know that the Maples have been doing a little detox.
nothing fancy, it just consists of cutting out any and all foods that deposit toxins in our bodies.
well, we've been inventing some healthy recipes that taste so delish you don't even have an inkling that they are ridding your body of filth :)

below you will find one of our very favorites so far.
it's so super yummy. if you like eggplant, this will not disappoint.

one medium eggplant, diced

two roma tomatoes, diced
red or green or yellow pepper (i used yellow), diced
one small, yellow onion, diced
1 can of low-sodium diced tomatoes
1 cup uncooked brown rice
1 package extra firm tofu, squeezed to drain, halved.

cook rice according to directions on package.

saute the onion (in a large skillet) in olive oil. 
add garlic.
immediately add eggplant, pepper, half of the tofu package and roma tomatoes.
cover and allow to cook in plenty of olive oil til eggplant softens.
add can of diced tomatoes, drained.
let simmer for 5-10 min.

serve on top of a yummy bed of rice.

27 April 2010


{nine west}
{nine west}
{calvin klein}

so very many pairs of shoes.
all in which i want.
this isn't even the half...
guess i will have to go on dreaming :) 

sugar, coffee...sugar.

so, i'm doing a cleanse. a detox, if you will. what that really means is...i'm eating all the healthy and nutritious foods i should be consuming on a daily basis. and the truth of the matter is that i do consume these foods on a daily basis, with maybe the exception of tofu, which we ate last night. but, you see, i have a little thing called a sweet tooth, and, while we're at it...a coffee obsession, which taint my daily attempts to be healthy. so the hubby and i decided to cut those things out for a few days. we're not ingesting sugar, caffeine, wheat, meat or dairy...and a few other food sources. but, you see, all i can ever seem to think about now is:

coffee. COFFEE. coffeeeeee....i misssss you.

not really missing meat...horribly, terribly missing those others.

and yes, i like to torture myself with gorgeous, mouth-watering images of all the things i will not allow myself to eat at the moment. i'm working on my self-determination, you see.

and i will persevere. my gosh, it's only five days. and it will be good for me...for my body. and i'm hoping to realize i don't need all of the things i so desperately want to consume each day. i hate the fact that my morning demeanor is so dependent on whether there's a steamy cup of joe in my hand. and i hate the fact that sugar is absolutely addictive. 

so here's to my cleanse. and here's to being healthy. and here's to, so far, having the personal resolve to resist my strongest urges. 

let's hope i make it til friday.

23 April 2010

saturday, sunday.

those are the days that comprise a weekend.
aren't we happy they do.
i mean, whoever invented the weekend is really quite brilliant.
right now my weekend includes 7.
i never really thought i would find myself doing this,
but i am hoping, wishing and waiting for the day it includes 2.
or maybe 3, if i am really lucky :)

{dandelion and grey}

either way, dear friends,
i will be spending my weekend outdoors.
in the sun.
on the porch.
maybe, if i am truly lucky, on the sandy shores of that gray, blue and foamy expanse we call the ocean.
yes...outdoors, i think.

the sum of it.

yes, if i could some up exactly what i've been feeling inside for the past month, i would say this.
it's a pity i didn't.
but i'm certainly glad someone thought of the words for me.
and, made them quite pretty to look upon.

it's a funny thing not having a job.
you find yourself with so much time on your hands, yet at the same time, so very little.
somehow the days still pass at an infinite speed and you find yourself wondering why the sun is not still smiling at you in the sky. wondering why you have not saved the world's children from starvation or rescued the endangered butterflies from the brink of extinction.
feeling like you should be accomplishing so much more with your time...so much good.
so maybe i wouldn't exactly list these thoughts in order.
but they are definitely in my head.
and i think live and love would grace the top of my list.
followed by build faith.
yes, i think those three lay a solid foundation.

22 April 2010

i like.

vintage books.

the great, blue sky.

curly brown hair.
 matching brown eyes.

shrimp + avocado breakfast surprise.

Poppy's tail.

my new jean shorts.

what do you like, today?

21 April 2010

en la cocina: shrimp tostados

{Joy of Cooking}

let me preface this by saying: these. are. SO. good.
my hubs was shoveling them in his mouth so vigorously i thought i might have to administer an anti-choking manuever.

also, we didn't necessarily eat them like tostadas...more like tortillas. there's something about rolling food up in a blanket that makes it that much better.
eww. not really a blanket. that would be fuzzy and terrible. you know what i mean...

whisk together in a large bowl:
1/4 C veggie oil
2 tbsp fresh lime juice
2 tbsp minced, fresh cilantro
1 tsp ground cumin
salt to taste
hot red pepper sauce to taste

1 lb. shrimp, cooked, shelled, deveined
1 cup corn kernels
4 oz. montery jack cheese, shredded
1 ripe avocado, peeled and coarsely chopped
2 plum tomatoes, chopped
1/2 med red onion, minced
salt to taste
hot red pepper sauce to taste

refrigerate until ready to serve.
we served ours with homemade corn tortillas.
in this case, you only need to buy a bag of masa.
but you can just as easily buy corn tortillas at the grocery.

happy eating.
truly...they will make you happy.

and, i'd love to know if you make them and what your own thoughts are!!

19 April 2010


 busy, busy today.
or, trying to be at least.
headed to the library to do some much-needed thinking and research.
trying to start my own business, you see....super excited, but lots to do.
may also be interviewing at Urban today for some PT work.
haven't quite decided.
would love to work for such a brilliant company.
so i guess we will see.

in the meantime, waiting on my new bike to get here.
you see, i have the best hubby in the whole wide world, and he surprised me with this beauty last week:

the best part is...it's from walmart. which  means: super inexpensive.
can you even believe it?!
and it's mint green. umm...sold. and sold.

i've been hunting for an amazing vintage bike to no avail.
all i came up with was a craigslist creeper who i hung up on.
true story.
i do feel bad about that...but really, there was no other option at the time (at least in my mind).

anyway...my wheels are a turning. in more ways than one.
have an amazing shrimp tostada recipe that i will be posting later.
until then, happy reading.

16 April 2010

go into the wind.

because it's friday.

15 April 2010

fictitious home.


casual. elegant. comfortable. primitive.
i love how these elements combine to create such a cozy and livable environment.
check out that kitchen cieling, and how the blue and green accents transcend from room to room.
i will leave here, please and thank you.

p.s. is anyone else having a horrible / frustrating time with the new posting form in blogger?! argh!

14 April 2010

missing you, Domino.

rather ferociously.
you were a highlight to my months: i couldn't wait to buy you. take you home. curl up on the couch with you. sip a cup of joe with you.
so now i must resort to savoring your backissues. glancing at them sparingly in an attempt to forever be surprised.
...it's not working.
...i've memorized your every issue.
...please, someday, oneday, come back to me.

your covers never fail to provide the eye candy i crave.

your color schemes are delectable, to say the least.
and i envy your simplicity.

if i had my own dock, on my own lake, it would look like this.
and i would probably never go inside.

 yes, pink couch, i think i will eat you for dinner.
you are that scrumptious.

oh, marfa. not only is your name entirely awesome.
so are your desert bike rides.
any of you been to marfa? i won't deny my envy if you have...

note to self (& hubby):
someday have a fabulous backyard.
like...this one.

so yes...Domino, i am missing you.
thank goodness i have an expansive blog arsenal to keep me plenty occupied. or, maybe distracted is a better word.

and, speaking of blogs, have you seen...

i've always wanted to sew a shower curtain, but have yet to acquire the confidence to match the depth of the project.if you're in my boat, this may help :)

and, if you're still suffering from Domino withdrawals, there's always the brilliant Lonny Magazine. very domino-esque, and quite considerate to the pocket book, considering it's free.

then again there's always delightful design musings to be seen and read over at Creature Comforts. a day hardly passes in which i don't drool over her style.

HAPPY wednesday, all.

13 April 2010

today, please.

today i want to:

dangle in the water.

read a pretty book.

start my own business.

grow legs this long.

what do you want to do today?

{Apples for Jam}

a delicious little recipe. makes for a wonderful side dish. i served mine with chicken. could also make for a lovely little morning meal.

olive oil
1 clove garlic, peeled and squashed
1 to 2 small zucchini, finely sliced
3 or 4 basil leaves, torn
4 eggs
6 tbsp grated parmesan
a little lemon juice

*makes 4 omelettes

heat 2 tsp oil in a nonstick pan.
add the zucchini and garlic and satue over med-high until lightly golden.
season with salt and mix in the basil.
remove from the heat.

whisk one egg in a bowl.
heat 1 tsp of oil in a 6-inch nonstick frying pan over med-low.
add the egg.
scatter about 1/4 of the zucchini over the egg
also scatter some parmesan.
cook until the omelette is set.
slip out onto a warm plate while you cook the rest.
season with salt, pepper and lemon juice, if you like.

09 April 2010

fried, eh.

waving goodbye to my friday.
monday will soon follow suit.
another week. more job hunting. more job searching. ,job wishing, hoping...praying, if you will.

however, in the meantime...

...i will give my time to the beach.

happy weekend, y'all.