29 April 2013


Well...it's happened again. It's been a bit of a whirlwind, and I've been busy...on the road...with little time to blog (thank goodness this world invented instagram), but super exciting things have been in the midst. So here's another 'LATELY'--all the things my little design studio and I have been up to as-of-late, and those things of which we've been wildly smitten:

All of my last week was consumed by High Point Market...despite the chaos, it's pretty much a designer's paradise. So, this girl traversed a few states in a wee little rental car (33mpg is life changing), and this is what she found:

An absolute treasure-trove of gorgeous antiques and vintage finds. I made my way home with a few key pieces, which (bad for me, potentially good for you), I won't be holding onto. Secrets secrets are so fun :)

Rugs. Potentially my favorite selections of a design project. Especially when they're as rare and stunning as this antique Oushak runner. 

Exquisite lighting. It's just so important. Never settle, friends, when it comes to lighting fixtures. 

Malachite. In planter form, nonetheless. And yes, she has a twin. And, if I had an extra $1500 just hanging out in my pocket, I would have found a way to squeeze this pair into that little rental car.

Most showrooms were...ordinary. This showroom was extraordinary. How much do you want to curl up on that sweeping, plush sectional right now? Geoffrey, bring me my cappuccino.

And, back to Lexington...and back to reality. An amazing reality for a client, that is...as this wallpaper combo is in full-swing throughout their abode.

And speaking of full-swing, much-needed progress is being made in #ClientHorseFarm's kitchen. Dark, moody island to ground the gleaming white perimeter cabinets. Just wait 'til we get that Carrara installed.  Modern, yet tailored and classic...just what the client ordered.

And #ProjectAtlanta tile selections are finding themselves client approved this week. How gorgeous is this combo? Just love me a graphic greek key border...especially when it's paired with this marble hex. 
If I were a bathroom floor, I'd want to be this.

Between all the studio happenings, and working on our own little cottage (kitchen cabinetry is nearing install...can't wait to show you what we've been up to!), there hasn't been much time for liesure. But, we did find time for a Kentucky Sunday...well-spent at the races. Can you believe My Maple's dad was a jockey? So wish I could've met him. Almost felt like I did that Sunday.

Speaking of My Maple...he's so dapper. You should check out his new company website--perhaps I'm biased, but he and his biz partners are pretty amazing, and their site certainly shows it:

And girls, don't let anyone ever tell you you're anything but a princess. Can't you see? I'm 27, and still hanging onto that card. Thank goodness I have six princess nieces who won't ever let me forget it. Yesterday's princess birthday party was a smashing success. I had my very own team of purple-eye-shadowed, pink-lip-glossed, poufy-dressed princesses making me, my makeup, and my attire nothing but princess-approved.

So, there you have it friends. My lately. Anything but boring, at least in my design book.

Oh, and this post requires a dedication: to Corey #2...my second favorite Corey...Corey Roppel. Let's just say he's my blogging accountability. So cheers to you, CR, and your big 3-0!! Are you so nervous?!


16 April 2013


Well...I don't even know what happened to today. Aside from being buried beneath a mile long to-do list, working on client design plans (yay!), and taking care of much needed business housekeeping (boo!), I've eaten nothing but handful after handful of Trader Joe's powerberries. Have you had them? Don't try them. You'll have to hide them. Truly...aside from my 7am french toast, they're all I've eaten today.

Anyway, Kentucky has finally decided to relinquish spring weather, and it couldn't be more incredible. I can't even believe how much I missed that amazingly plush bluegrass we're so lucky to step foot on. So, I inevitably find myself channeling thoughts of outdoor design, and wondering if my powerberries will melt in the sun? Probably. But here's some inspiration for you, as I hope your Tuesday's filled the same springtime goodness!

 The most amazing outdoor bar ever? 
Why, yes...I can't believe you asked.

Uber-classy Tom Scheerer, making us all teem with jealousy over his humble 
little Bahamian abode? Yes.

Perfect backyard dwelling, or design office of my dreams?


If only you didn't have to wait like 8 years for vines to fill in like this.

And Wisteria? I may love it even more than powerberries.

So, friends. Happy Tuesday, happy spring, and happy thoughts of the outdoors. 
We may all be tied to a desk, but here's to hoping your day's been just as productive as mine's been.

05 April 2013

Hannah Maple Studio on Style Me Pretty | Living

Hello, my lovely readers. Somehow, someway it's already Friday, and my business and my projects are keeping me a busy little bee. It's been an amazing week, full of exciting happenings, but perhaps the biggest, most flattering, most exciting of them all is the fact that THE Style Me Pretty--yes, the style-laden, iconic blog that we all know and love--has featured my interior design work on their Living blog this morning. Here's a sneak peak, but, with all ado, we'd be super flattered if you'd go check it out :)

Seriously pinching myself right about now. A huge thank you to the lovely ladies at Style Me Pretty for the mention, and to the amazing Kristin Tatem Photography for capturing my project so well!

With that said...

Go enjoy your weekend!

01 April 2013


Well, folks, it's finally beginning to feel like spring around here...and this girl couldn't be any happier about that change in dreary, snowy weather. There's actually sunshine today! And, even though Easter was full of drizzle and void of sun, it was relatively warm...and wonderful. Hoping the very same rang true for you and your families. So, here's what was happening on my Easter holiday, and, all last week in my design world:

 All of my life-long Easter dreams came true: I spent that Sunday afternoon with yellow, fuzzy peeps. Like, the real kind. Not the stale marshmellows that no one possibly likes but everyone still gets in their Easter basket peeps. No, the real, live, living, breathing, blue-egg-laying, cute as can possibly be Easter peeps. Baby chickens. I may have smuggled one home. Or two. Shhh.

My Maple found his partner in crime. It was love at first sight between those two. A two-week old baby cow, who my two-year-old niece so cleverly named Cowgirl. Don't let her fool you...she's much less innocent than she looks. I have the bruise to prove it. She headbutted me from behind, when I was the least bit suspecting, and lifted me off my feet. All for some milk. Cowgirl's got spunk.

Muffin man was pretty fond of her, too. Looking all dapper in his chambray shirt, navy cords, fringed mocassins, and riding cap. He could teach us all a thing or two about rodeoing with class. Isn't my sissy-in-law so gorgie? And of course that baby of hers! 

I spent an afternoon antique-ing for a big upcoming venture of mine, and stumbled across this steal of a deal: an antique Moroccan hanging lamp. I even met the adorable 90-year old man who's booth it was in--he bought it 40-some-odd years ago from an antique show. This gem is old. And I'm going to hardest time letting her go. For now she will look pretty in my dining room. Safe keeping...of course.

I hired an assistant. She wears glasses. But maybe she wouldn't even need them if she'd just brush her hair out of her eyes. She also lacks opposable thumbs, so she's proven quite useless. But she does look quite cute curled up in the window, lazily barking at studio passerby's.

I started a new project last week with the most amazing new clients. I'm so excited to work with them, and do wonders to this sprawling house on a gorgeous Kentucky horse farm that's been neglected for far too long. Glad they're the new owners, and want to instill so much life back in her.

Now that it's finally not snowing, my Home Depot patio design challenge can finally be finished, which is exactly what I've been working on this week. The proof is in this DIY project: a blockprinted Indian-esque tablecloth. Can't wait to show you the final result!

And speaking of that patio, she'll have lots of cozy pillows...

And some other fun touches. Blue and white stripes, anyone? Yes, please.

So there you have it. My Easter...and my lately. Must go...baby chicks need feeding. Just kidding, I really didn't steal them...or...?