23 August 2011

Formulating fall.

And wishing for the crisp, cozy weather that arrives with it.

{photos via pinterest}


Therefore, formulating fall-inspired interiors:  
 Clean lines and dark, complex hues, with a hint of mid century mod revival. 
Yes, please.

What's on YOUR mind for fall?

22 August 2011

Hello again, Monday.

Our weekend was full of:

homemade coffee cake and heart-filled lattes

this funny little lassoed mutt (yes, she did this on her own).

and house projects galore.
(that, my friends, is never-ending...)

Maple hung the master bedroom curtains (as seen above)--I love waking up to that view! Anyhow, I'd planned on having all of our treatments made, until I realized it would pretty much break the bank (because I of course wanted double widths and pinch pleats. I can't just have ordinary anything, you see).  So instead I resorted to Pottery Barn (despite my aversion to their overpriced, generic products) and bought some simple (gasp) ivory panels. Never fear, though...I have a little trick up my sleeve to make them look a bit more custom and give them some masculine character, upon which I'll show you some photos :) The next project will be painting that dresser a semi-gloss black and outfitting it with some simple, sleek hardware to contrast with it's feminine lines. And, when we find the right piece, we'll adorn that left-hand corner with a stunning little side chair (preferably chrome and cognac leather). And that marble lamp? She'll be getting a new shade--a faux-gator skin, to be exact :) 

Hope your weekend was just as refreshing. 

10 August 2011

Heirloom Tomato + Arugula Tart

 Step one.

 Step two.

 Step three.

 Step four.

And, mini blackberry, apple tarts whipped up with the leftover dough.

The perfect summer fare.


05 August 2011


and guess what?

THIS gem of a package arrived to my office today:

Gorgie, hot-hued fabric that will be hanging on the racks just waiting for the perfect new home (aka...a client that wants her).
My ideas for her use go on and on...and on...

I'm off to Trader Joe's, and I really can't describe my excitement.
They've taunted me long enough. They're OPEN.


How fun would that planter be topping off a stack of books on your desk or bedside table?

I love the idea of the faceted candle stick holders on a contrasting hued coffee or side table. And, though falling second in favor, I must to say those lightbulbs are entirely brilliant.

02 August 2011


As you most certainly know by now, my interior style is pretty eclectic, which means I'm obsessively searching for statement making rarities. I love me some one-of-a-kind finds that no one else is likely to think of incorporating into their homes--much less have stashed in the attic (unless your the offspring of a nostalgic architect, like myself, who's dad harbors gems like eames side tables and Bertoi chairs in his warehouse); anyway...it's those pieces that easily inspire and lend an air of refinery to any design plan.

Por ejemple:

 Checkout that vintage flamestitch, velvet upholstery--it's a shame the fabric is in need of recovery. Still--how rad are the contemporary lines and the sleek, chrome barrel frames? These would be stunning juxtaposed with a long, rectangular frame--like a bar/dining table/conference table. I'd want to have lengthy meetings everyday if I could sit my butt in these.
So, I tried pretty dang hard to convince Maple this paper needed to dress the walls of his man bathroom. He wasn't having it, which made me wonder--my office? Hmm...I see it with simple millwork 3/4 the way up the wall, with this dark filling in to the ceiling. It would be ahh-mazing.

 If only I (or a potential client) had $800 big ones laying around--I'd hang this over a rocking round table, and voila--you'd have a stunning dining area.

 I mean, really--could it get any cooler? I see this paper decking out a walk-in closet--totally sophisticated and glam. I would probably move my desk in there...and maybe my bed. So maybe not a good thing.

 If I were Peggy I'd totally buy this and make Don Draper rock it on his man-glam desk.

 The lucite alone makes this an awesome investment. Throw in the hot pink upholstery, black and gold 
casters, and sleek barrel shape, and I'm sold. 

 Going in my bathroom. Enough said.

 Crazy cool antique Tole sconce. If only there were two...I totally see them flanking a large window dressed with a simple roman shade
(ahem...my kitchen?). 
 Tell me you wouldn't want to lounge all day in these babies on a patio, under a black and white cabana striped awning, surrounded by potted orange trees. Yes, please, I do need another mimosa. 
Bringing an entirely new meaning to "doublewide." I mean, do I even need to explain, her. No...no...absolutely not. If only shipping were an option, here. Perfect for a waiting area, a patio...or even a dining space. I'd push it against the wall and place a sleek, white rectangular table in front. Dramatic...amazing. 

So there you have it. My awesome ebay roundup. I feel like a bit of a warning needs to be issued though...it's addicting. And your husband/roommate/dog might begin to question large, mysteriously-shaped packages arriving on your doorstep. Because you can't really disguise that double-wide peacock chair.