23 November 2013


It's Saturday, and I am so glad. Despite the fact that I have been relegated to bed with a pretty terrible cold (ugh...haven't been sick in years...perhaps that's why this feels so awful?), I'm taking full advantage of the leisure time. It doesn't happen too terribly often, but there's nothing I love more than curling up with coffee (and inevitably the dog, who always finds her way into my lap) and a gorgeous coffee table book. More and more I'm finding myself drawn to the idea of totally unplugging, and getting real with paper and ink...some quiet time...and the inevitably inspiring pages that abound.

So, enter Staircases, The Architecture of Ascent. I have to say, I am usually entranced by color, pattern, and loud interiors that scream innovative design, but there is something so quietly inspiring in this book of architectural splendor:

The perfect example of form melded with function, staircases are born from an engineered need: they amplify usable space by providing a physical platform that allows spaces to seamlessly combine. And how often do these logical needs remain just that? Strictly functional--void of any additional thought, character, or designed innovation. So, not only is Staircases brimming with stunning and forward-thinking architectural design (which is inspiring in and of itself), but it nearly serves a higher purpose--one of hope. Yes, I think it gives hope that the everyday doesn't have to be normal, or mundane, but intentional thought and creativity can transform normalcy, and logistical need, into something extraordinary.

Alright, so how's that for a deep review? And aren't those photographs profound? Perhaps it's the cold medicine speaking, but truly, I'm finding myself inspired and enamored with the lyrical Staircases, and thought it worth a share. :)

So happy weekend, y'all. Whether you're feeling under the weather, or wiped out from an inevitably busy week, I hope you find some time to enjoy where you are...and who you're with...and whatever you're in the midst of doing.


12 November 2013


The above photo is undeniable proof that things have slowly but surely been happening in our little downtown abode. As many of you already know, Maple and I bought a little historic cottage in an artsy area of Lexington that's really been on the rebound as-of-late. We purchased the building as an investment property, but decided to live in it amidst the renovation, as it certainly saves money, but also fulfills our dream of living in the heart of this amazing little city.

But as you can assuredly imagine, when you're a designer for a living, your own home often takes the back burner...or at least it feels that way...especially when you've taken up residence in a bit of an ongoing construction project. Progress has felt incredibly slow, but a nostalgic glance through those terrifying 'before photos' made me realize that we really have come quite a long way with this little cottage. So much, in fact, that I'm finally willing to show you a little tiny slice of it :)

So that brings me to the kitchen. Which, umm...hardly existed before we got our hands on this place. It was pretty close to being terrible, and the below photo doesn't even do its heinousness justice. Don't let that sink fool you. Vintage cast iron sinks can be incredibly cool to restore and utilize in a modern kitchen. This one was NOT. Nor were those cabinets, if you can call them that? Or the commercial grade CARPET. And there wasn't even a stove...so let's not forget that.

We had our work cut out for us. So we did what we do best: got our hands dirty. And although there's still some finishing projects to knock off our punch-list, I think it's fair to say we've come an incredibly long way from this nonsensical mess (above).

Our cabinets and counters have been in for awhile, but we'd prolonged the finishing of the floors, mostly because that meant moving out for a week. But it was finally time, and this past week was spent pampering that flooring (thanks to my Maple and our friend Eric, a talented architect/artist). So here's a little glimpse into the action that was had:

Perhaps I am biased, but I'm pretty in love with the end result. But maybe it's because my blood, sweat, and a few tears are in that kitchen. But it's perfect. And just what I envisioned for our historic little abode.

And yes, there are still finishing touches to wrap up: adhering the cabinetry toe-kick, painting the window casing (and getting a roman on that window), and sourcing the perfect hardware for my drawers...but good things come to those who wait. Or so my gleaming harlequin kitchen floors so kindly remind me :)

So...now it's your turn. What do you think?

HAPPY WINTER! (It snowed today?!)

06 November 2013


Finding myself enamored today with the artful musings of photographer Nicole Franzen. Aren't her compositions striking? And the way she captures light is beyond me--her photos are so very tranquil, yet astounding. And perhaps we are kindred spirits, as her daily musings tend to center upon good food, good interiors, and an undeniable wanderlust. I like her...and better yet...I like her instagram. So happy following, friends! Hope you find yourselves just as inspired.


04 November 2013


It's only natural that my fall/winter wishlist is a gazillion miles long. I mean, 'tis the season for all of the things that I so greatly adore: dark, sultry colors; layers and layers of soft, cozy attire; boots...booties...and more boots; leather goods; warm and welcoming interiors; and simple, chic wardrobe essentials. 


A classic camel jacket / Jenni Kayne pony hair flats / CDG zip pouch / One Love Organics Chia oil / Clare Vivier key tassel / chic Italian chandelier / refined artwork / Madewell booties / Chanel Lipstick in #31 Cambon (thank you, thank you Lauren!) / Goyard tote / Calf hair belt

All-things simple. All-things sultry. All-things perfection...for fall and winter.
What about you? What does the onset of brisk weather have you wishing/hoping/wanting for?


01 November 2013


Coffee table books: I could never have enough. They're one of those little luxuries that make me reel with excitement, and look forward to early weekend mornings. With coffee in-hand, there's nothing better (in my book) than to curl up on the sofa and delve through drool-worthy pages of iconic inspiration.

So enter Fifth Avenue Style, and its exuberant pages. Less isn't always more, especially when you're the brilliant decor-conscious mind of Howard Slatkin, interior decorator and founder of the iconic lifestyle brand Slatkin & Co. How he does it--I do not know. But, I will revel in his extravagance and soak up every bit of elegance he's woven into the design of his Manhattan abode, which has just become eye candy to us all in his stunning coffee table book.

Incredible, no? The interior is nothing, and I mean nothing, short of striking. Clever sophistication is wrought throughout. And, no detail, no matter how seemingly trivial, has been left unaccounted for--Mr. Slatkin's crown mouldings are impeccably dressed with an ornate gilded rope detailing, and even his closets have been embellished to the nth degree. And to think, this Downton-worthy Manhattan mansion was once a lifeless white box! Mr. Slatkin and his glamorous abode are seriously enchanting, and I can't wait to delve through it again...on my sofa...with coffee...during my weekend.

And, mark your calendars for tomorrow morning (November 2), as Mr. Slatkin's One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale makes its debut! His abode is brimming with such amazing one-of-a-kinds, can you even imagine his tag sale? And, rumor has it, signed copies of his Fifth Avenue Style will be available to a few lucky shoppers.

So, happy weekend!
Happy reading.
And...happy shopping.