29 January 2013

Hannah Maple Studio | Rue Magazine

Hello, my readers and friends. As you know, I've been on a bit of a whirlwind travel hiatus as-of-late (more on that is yet to come). A huge thank you is owed to Meagan of The Egg, am I right? I don't know much about red wine...except that I sort of looove it...so it was pretty amazing of her to share her straight-from-Mendoza tips and tricks.

Anyhow, I'm sitting here...pinching myself...as the drool-worthy Rue Magazine decided to give me a nice little (or, for me...big) homecoming present. You see, they were kind enough to think my latest interior project was publishing-worthy, and featured it on their amazing, never-before-seen Rue Daily site that launched its way into the design world today. And there I am...on the homepage. It's quite surreal. And I'm just so honored and blessed that Rue thinks my talents are worthy of their pages. So take a peek, if you will, and spend some time perusing their newest site venture. So excited for Rue and their feats!

Here's a sneak peek of my feature on Rue:

Would be mighty honored if you'd check it out :)


24 January 2013

WINE COURSE: [ guest post from The Egg Out West ]

why hello there maple & shade readers! It's Meagan here from The Egg Out West and it is such a pleasure to be here today to chat about one of my most favorite things, vino.  i just returned from a three month adventure down in argentina.  mendoza to be exact.  lots of malbecs were drunk and wine facts that were learned.  while the gorgeous hannah is off frolicking with celebs in sundance, she asked me to share with you a few tips & tricks that i learned while "studying" the art of wine.

Numero Uno:  Wine Tasting is subjective.  Don't let anyone make you feel dumb, ever!  My taste is going to be completely different than your taste and so on.  So if your buddy's most favorite Riesling tastes like urine to you (Riesling does to me), don't be afraid to tell him!  Ask questions and give your input.  Whatever you do, don't act superior, and have fun. Duh.

Number 2:  You know when the waiter pours you a bit of wine to "try" before serving?  Well, you don't actually need to drink it.  One big fat whiff will be able to tell you if the wine is good or bad. After your glass has been poured and before you've taken a sip, see if you can identify 2 smells.  Scent is your most powerful sense and will help in your wine tasting.

Number 3: After you've smelled, take a sip.  Now swirl that glass up!  I was so surprised to see how often the wine experts would swirl their glasses.  Get crazy just keep the wine in the glass. This lets the aromas breathe and really brings out the flavors.  You'll notice that the wine might smell and taste different after you've opened it up, which is a good thing!

Number 4: During this whole process, share with your friends what you smell, taste, and experience.  You might hit on points that they've missed. Where does your mouth feel acidity? How long is the after taste? Read the label and talk!  This all helps you remember the vino you are tasting. If the wine makes you feel like running through a cornfield naked, so be it.  Haters gonna hate!

Number 5: Sometimes, after a good swirlin', people like to show off their legs.  Ow, ow!  I hate to break it to ya, but those legs mean nothing.  The number of legs does not indicate any quality to the wine.  They purely tell you how much alcohol content is in the bottle.  And maybe when it's time to call a cab...

21 January 2013


Hey blog friends. I'm spending my day in the air...and in airports...jaunting across the Rockies to knock an adventure off our bucket list. Can't wait to tell you what we're up to. I'll do my very best to keep these pages filled with inspiring pics and things this week!

So, until the next post...HAPPYYY MONDAY!

18 January 2013


Have you seen the recent Southern Living? It's uber impressive. Not only for the drool-worthy homes they featured, but for taking a step out of their bounds (in my opinion), and publishing a design that's more sophisticated, chic, and refined than their bright, colorful, pattern-happy norm. Nothing wrong with the latter, I might say, but I certainly gravitate towards the design style they filled this issue with:

I mean...perfection...right?

There's so many things I love about this home.
The simplicity of the color palette. The graphic lines that add pops of interest. The mixing of metals, not to mention the old with the new...that give it such a sophisticated edge. The raw woods. The concrete. The sumptuous textures that abound.

Designer Lindsey Meadows totally knocked it out of the park.
And check out a few more snippets from her kickin' portfolio.
This girl has talent!

Always nice to find a kindred design spirit.

T.G.I.F., y'all.

14 January 2013



As defined by the dictionary: achieved with admirable ease.

You know, not too contrived. Not overly done. Without trying too hard. A look that I continually strive for, and the one that I admire most (in terms of personal fashion and interiors). For whatever that "look" of yours is, it's inherent. Natural. And And perfectly imperfect.

Just like these things:

All beautiful things, seemingly contrived with ease. No?

What about you? What would you say is the key to looking effortless?


11 January 2013


Happiest Friday, y'all. Mine's been a busy, busy week of work. Can't wait to unwind a bit...actually linger over my morning coffee...and spend much-awaited time just being with family and friends.

And yes, I have high hopes for your weekend as well. So here's to hoping it's grand, and filled with:

 Lots of lounging...in bed. 

 (P.S. such a mutt, right? This is literally what I woke up to one morning: in the middle of 
the bed, tucked under the covers,  head on the pillow. What a spoiled rat.)

 Lazy, friend-filled breakfasts. 

 Bright and happy walks. 

 Good coffee and good reads. 

 The yummiest afternoon snacks. 

  Fireside dinners that linger into the night.  

 (this was our wondrous Thanksgiving)

 And the ones you love most. 

I'm going to wear fur.
And lipstick.
Because why not?

Okay, so call me a romantic, but I hope your weekends are perfect.
What will yours be filled with?

*all photos are mine.

07 January 2013


Well friends, today is the first Monday of the new year...a new day...a new week...and the opportunity to commit to new goals, new dreams, new outlooks, and new beginnings. I can't even believe it's 2013. I always thought time would start to slow as I started to grow older. Not so much, it seems...which makes me welcome this New Year with the utmost enthusiasm, for we all must make the very most of this fleeting thing we call time.

 So, with that said, in 2013, I will: 

 Travel more. 

 Pray more. With passion. And trust in my God. 

 Darken my hair, and embrace being natural. 

 Use my talents and my passions to create 
 beautiful, peaceful, inspiring homes for my clients. 

 Update my wardrobe. I'm channeling the idea of sophisticated 
 and chic, but with edge, and resolve to buy only the things 
 that I really, really, really love. 

 Wear lipstick, even when in my PJs. 

 Be compassionate. 
 And always take a walk in someone else's shoes. 

 Make art. Buy art. 
 Sharpen my knowledge on art. 

 Be bold. And true to the woman I am. 
 Without ever worrying how others may judge. 

  Spend uber amounts of time in the kitchen...my very favorite room. 

 Work, work, and work to realize my dreams into fruition. 
  Find a mentor. Learn as much as I can about this business of design. 
 And run with it. 

 Be positive. Be flexible. Be fun and spontaneous. Not only embrace 
 change--and inevitabele woes--but find joy in them. 

 Write more letters. So those I love can read more letters. 
 There's something so intimate and special in snail mail. 

So there you have it. Just a surface scratch of the things I'm resolving to do. Not just for 2013, or the beginnings of it (because how easy is it to fizzle out on things we need to change?), but for 2014, 2015...and the rest of my time.

Cheers to this new year...and to new beginnings!
May yours be super blessed and filled with all the things you hope for :)

And speaking of, what are your resolutions for 2013?
P.S. A huge thank you to the super talented Sarah Swanson of Flourish Style and Design! Very much appreciate the kind mention. If you've never seen her blog, be sure to pay a visit! It's sure to be at the top of your daily read list.