30 April 2012


My Monday is super jam-packed with work, and trying to get out of town on Wednesday for my NYC-rendezvous. So, speaking of travel, the amazing Meagan from the equally-fantastic The Egg Out West asked me to do a little guest post, as she, too, is currently in jetset mode. Since we're both embarking on springtime travels, I found it entirely relevant to author a guest post on just that: traveling in style...which means packing in style. All on a sensible budget.

Sneak peak:

Head on over to the wonder of The Egg and read up on the rest! And, you won't be disappointed by Meagan's documented Jackson Hole day-to-day happenings and travel adventures.


27 April 2012


I'm gearing up for a June rendezvous to Lyford Cay, where I first discovered the impeccable interior design of Tom Scheerer. There's nothing in the world like the Bahamian oasis he created: it's classic, yet enthralling, and makes you feel as if you're sipping the finest rum cocktail with the finest of people in a juicy, Caribbean-esque episode of Mad Men. And isn't that we all want on vacation, complete with the most divine little yellow and white striped beachside cabanas? Well done, Tommy S...well done:

A peek at Tom's Lyford Cay Club design:

 I mean, do you see that peach and white tented patio? Perfection.

And, my (so hard to choose) favorite snippets from the rest of his uber impressive portfolio:

There you are again, Peter Dunham Fig Leaf.
The fact that I can't afford you haunts me.

 Perfect mix of woods. Perfectly perfect tile. 
Yes, Tom, I think you are perfect.

 So this photo came from pinterest... 
Oops, not enough time in the day to correct. :)

Giant plant in the shower? Of course! 

 Very much my dream house...and yes...my dream house is a cottage.
Double points for being located on a 'hilltop in the Bahamas.' SOLD.

Stunning / casual / refined / eclectic / elegant simplicity, no?

I love you Tom S., I really do.
Well, your portfolio, at least.
And all that inspired, interior eye candy it boasts.


24 April 2012


[ photo sourced here ]

I'm loving the stunning simplicity of this minimalist bathroom.  Design can easily be over thought (umm...story of my own decorating, in my own house...), especially if you find yourself drawn to a plethora of styles, things, feels, colors, materials, etc.  I'm one of those people--I could live in an uber traditional Charleston single...a mediterranean villa with clay tile floors and stucco walls...or a concrete and glass house built of windows and steel.  But today I'm enamored with simple...and that rather stark concrete counter and sink, light-filled white walls, antique mirror, and barely there wall faucets have me craving an ultra-simple and practical bathroom redo. Please?


Hope it's simple :)

18 April 2012


Because I am channeling a feverish travel bug today:

[ images sourced on my tumblr ]

I thought these images of ever-so-cool Europeans and the beauty they live amongst would do all of our souls a bit of good.

Now I need to go buy a new suitcase so I can fit all of my shoes (my worst wardrobe obsession, by far) on that big jet plane.

Of what travels are you dreaming? Please...do tell!

Oh, and thank you for the sweet welcome back notes! Y'all are surely the best.


17 April 2012


Blogging is a funny thing, no?  You have to be perpetually inspired to write a good post.  And what's the point of blogging if your posts are no good?  So yes, I've been gone forever.  My poor Maple and Shade always falls to the wayside when life gets busy, or stressful, or uninspiring.  And it's (...and I...) fallen victim to all of those things as-of-late.  But I guess we don't have to have life figured out at 26, and I guess M + S doesn't have to irrepressibly halt every time I start thinking I need to get a little more serious about life. So, here you go...we're back...and here's what life has been like lately:

We paid a lengthy visit to our old (umm...beautiful) Kentucky home

where i acquired a gorgie new niecey...

and a handsome new nephew...all in a week's span of time.

we watched UK win the bball championship...
and discovered blue bottles do grow on Kentucky trees!

Easter came around, and we had what was, quite possibly, the ultimate backyard easter egg hunt.

Very best friends...

...and their pups...came to visit...

and we've eaten good food...

and made good...

and pretty food.

I finally painted and decorated long-ignored things...

and watched our yard grow and bloom in this springtime sunshine.

We've played on the local beach...

and of course in the sand...

all-the-while trying to figure out what to do with these so-called lives of ours.
so no matter what happens, and where we end up, and what we end up doing...it's nice to remember that we have it pretty good. but, if you have any career ideas (or, umm...jobs) feel free to send them my way :)

so good to see you again!!