30 December 2010

Oh, my...

Were my thoughts exactly:

The ladies of Bash, Please certainly know how to throw a soiree.
Their creativity astounds me!
Happy reading, and happiest birthday to my very own mama :)
Hope it's really the most wonderful day!

29 December 2010

h.i.m. (happy, in the morning)

Found myself swooning this morning in my search for daily inspiration. I didn't have to look very far...as From Me to You is always brimming with stunning photography and noteworthy finds. This time it's the apartment of fashion designer Katie Ermilo's Upper West Side apartment that did it for me...

...it's simple. It's uber chic. It's masculine (which I love love love), but softened by elegant touches: her grandmother's china showcased aside fresh flowers on the sideboard, a glass and silver coffee table stacked high with inspiring sofa reads, that muted clothing rack (a chic, clothing designer must), and soft touches of mauvey-pink.

Yes...I love.

P.S. this espresso machine may be the very best thing to ever come along.
it might do wonders for this blog :)

28 December 2010


Maybe it's because we've moved, and I appreciate time with family that much more, or maybe it's because it really, truly was--but Christmas 2010, with all of its chaos (by chaos I mean 4 grumpy dogs, 5 little kiddos, and an entire family passing around a not-so-fun sickness), was pretty much the best. Christmas. ever.

So, here, a few of the things that made our Christmas beyond wonderful:

 Home sweet Kentucky home...where I'll forever feel cozy and warm.

  4 dogs (3 of them used to being the one and only, and 3 of them despising that adorable white puppy, I might add). 

 Our Charlie Brown tree...much less homely in the snow.

A tree filled with stories of past years and loved ones. 

 A rather unexpected visit from light man! Oh, light man. 
Those kiddos loved light man.He's pretty cute if I must say so myself.

 Waking up to a snow-covered Christmas morning...cozying in
by the fire for stockings and gifts.

Our very first froth from our new espresso machine (yes, pirates drink espresso, too).

 Waking up to our second snow-filled Christmas morning (bonus of being married), with the most wondrous view from our bedroom balcony. 
One of the many reasons I love our Kentucky home so much.

 Driving back south through a winter wonderland. Despite the never-ending traffic jams and snow-covered roads, those mountains made for an amazing ride.

And...back to Charleston, where our new life awaits. 
Missing Kentucky, and all of its wonder, but happy to have had the very best Christmas ever.

Hope yours was just as swell :)

22 December 2010

h.i.m. (happy, in the morning)

Driving home to Kentucky today. SO excited to spend holiday time with family and friends. Safe travels to all you doing the same! Hope your Wednesday is very merry :)

21 December 2010

Seriously smitten by:

These round paintings from the talented Sophia Brueckner  (found while perfusing the lovely Design is Mine). I  love the vintage, almost masculine feel of them. I showed them to the Mr., and I quote, "they look like they belong on our wall." He even pointed where. Good hubby :)

17 December 2010

Holiday eye candy.


A new (+ addictive) find of mine.
The super clever name only adds to its charm.

I haven't even begun my C-mas shopping (eek...I know), but this site is making me want to do it all right this second, cozy up in front of our umm...1960s (scary) gas furnace...with peppermint hot chocolate...and spend my day wrapping and writing love notes.

8 more days :)

16 December 2010

Ode to Etsy

And all of its brilliance:

 Amazing? I think so, too. And...a new meaning to sleeping in a feathery heap :)

 Just pretty.

 Screen printed on linen. What could be better? Aside from a steamy cup of each?

 Snail mail at its best.

 Simple, rustic earthenware for all those wooden utensils. 

Mermaid napkins? I think yes.

Ohhh...Etsy. You make my internet-perusing hours very worthwhile. 

15 December 2010

14 December 2010

24 degrees.

It's cold here--which supposedly is a rarity.
But I guess it's that way everywhere right now.
And yes, 24 degrees is cold to us.
It's so funny...everyone's running around shivering, complaining, wishing to be barefoot on the beach.


No snow...but there has been a chance.
And, we got to see a dusting in Kentucky this past weekend.
It was amazing flying out...miles and miles of pristine horse farms out my window...sprinkled with a layer of white.

So...off to work, now. Bundled up in scarves, boots, and gloves (eee...finally!), with a warm cup of joe in my hand. Happy, happy Tuesday.

10 December 2010





caramel apple sticky buns.
for my hubby's birthday.
(happy birthday to him)

and yes, waking up at 5:50 was totally worth it.
and yes, our b-days are 3 days apart.

(above photos via the pioneer woman, where I also snagged the recipe)

09 December 2010

New hobby?

I hope, I hope.

Totally wanting to learn the art of calligraphy, especially now that I'm designing invitations and stationery full-time for a little paper goods shop here in Charles *eeee! had I told you?!* 

Anyhow...how amazing is this form of art? I love, love, love hand-inked calligraphy on paper, but I'm such a huge fan of converting it into a vector graphic.

Someday...maybe one day...I will have time for this.