25 September 2013


Per the norm, my 'lately' has been a little insane...but in such an amazing way. This week has been a whirlwind, and summer is disappearing without a trace. I can't even believe that it's nearly over, though fall and its brisk onset is incredibly welcome in my book. I can't stop looking at parkas and boots, but that's a completely different story, and perhaps a blog post!

Sorry for my unexplained silence, but as you can imagine, One Kings Lane had my hands pretty tied. Other than wrapping up the amazing experience that was our Tastemaker Tag Sale (thank you for your incredible support--we excitedly sold 70% of our goods!), we've been working hard on several new (and finishing) projects with amazing clients, and rendezvoused down to the ever-so-charming Winter Park, Florida to make headway on a historic home that's in the throws of a renovation. Demo started this Monday--so we had to establish a firm design direction, and make all those amazing material selections to go with it. It was amazing. I am blessed. Living the dream.

And, there's exciting news to be shared on the local happenings front: an amazing new boutique is in the works for Lexington! Y'all...I am not even kidding...their offerings are unreal...AND...it's for women and men. Morton James Boutique. Remember that name (and follow them on Instagram @MortonJames) -- because they are going to kill it!

I mean, just look at these Morton James ladies!

And, as if they aren't adorable enough, how crazy amazing is this tile they're installing?

You should be excited. I know I am.

Anyway, here's a glimpse into our other recent musings!

Chelsea and I jetted off to Winter Park, Florida to meet and greet a new project. 

But only after dropping Ricardo at FedEx, who jetted off in the total opposite direction of New York.
We are still mourning his loss.
But we know he must be in good hands. 
I hope his new owners know his favorite food is Trader Joe's Cookie Butter.
He also demands a Nespresso at 4 pm everyday. 
He can be vicious....

Anyway, how undeniably charming is Winter Park?
I am ready to move...

And drink wine on this back patio every afternoon.

I am not proud of this photo (thank you, Chelsea, for capturing the embarassing throw back laugh), but I am quite giddy over these material selections that were made. The house in Winter Park is a gorgeous Federal that hails from 1926, so we chose materials accordingly. I want nothing more than to preserve the history and integrity of this gorgeous dwelling! That's the number one mistake of most renos: NOT allowing the architecture, the character, and the bones of the house dictate the design.

So, in other news, the Morton James boutique looked like this (above) when we left for Florida....

And it looked like this (above) when we landed. That's what I call GSD (getting _ _ _ _ done!).

And, it finally finally feels like fall 'round these parts.
And there is nothing I love more than crisp walks through our hood with an end destination of maple bacon donuts and locally roasted coffee. North Lime Coffee and Donuts, y'all. Get there. Now.

And speaking of food, my little lady friend Brooke and I (and our hubbies) ate plenty of goodness at Crave Lexington--the local food rally. And there was no shortage of local (insanely delicious) microbrews! So proud of this little gem of a city. It's well on its way to becoming a Charleston or an Austin--saturated with good food, good art, and great forward-thinking entrepreneurs. It's happening, people!

Anyway, that's my lately. I know yours has been just as busy. Hope it's been just as good!

Talk soon!

06 September 2013


Is live!!! And hurry, hurry--so many items are already on hold! Including our beloved studio mascot, Ricardo! Check it out, my dear blog  readers and friends.

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Happy shopping :)

05 September 2013


Who will sit pretty in our amazing vintage bone-inlay bench?

We'll know tomorrow, friends, as our One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale debuts bright and early at 8:00 A.M.! Don't worry, we'll remind you, but in the meantime, here's the link to our preview page! 

And, on a sappy note, I want to extend a huge thank you to all of you loyal readers, clients, friends, family...whoever you may be. I am beyond appreciative of your undying support, and for helping my little business become something I never expected was possible. Love to you all!