29 October 2010

ATTN: future sponsors

So, we've done it. Slowly but surely we've spread our name, built up readership, and become pretty dang loyal to posting the worthy.
What exactly does this mean, you ask?



That's right. I said it: the S-word. We are seeking sponsors.

Are you the proud purveyor of an independent/small biz, especially one that's creative?
Eager to entice those "maple and shade" readers to your brilliant little etsy shop?
Ready to amp-up the readership to that blog you diligently write?

Thought so.

I'll send you back the rates and terms.
Heck, I can even design your nifty little ad if you'd like.

Can't wait to hear from you :)

have you seen?

simple and chic halloween ideas from sweet paul?
the enviable musings of fashion toast?
the inner inspirings of RUE magazine?

Kitchen 125.

Finding myself, once again, undeniably envious of NYC. As if the city limits don't harbor enough sparkle and wonder, they now have the most brilliant little etsy shop (and kitchen, for that matter) concocting and selling award-winning (yes, I can vouch for that claim) guacamole, sauces, dips...you name it.

NYC--you have it. So savor it. Pay a visit to her etsy shop...you won't be sorry. She'll even deliver her flavor-packed makings to your door. Lucky me got to design the logo and  insignia, and I'm now seriously considering voiding monetary payment in lieu of guacamole.

Best of luck, Ms. 125. So looking forward to hearing of your well-deserved success.

28 October 2010

27 October 2010

color blind.

everything looks edgy in black and white, no?

26 October 2010

i, more than anything,


i want to eat scones, on cobble stone streets, in bustling cities, in sidewalk cafes.
i want to watch people, embark on adventures, climb volcanoes, and explore hidden coasts.
i want to learn new languages, taste new foods, breathe new air.
i want to experience more in this life...more in this world.

i, dear readers, want to be a travel writer.

yes, that's really something to aspire to...i realize. but i'm already a freelance writer/photographer/designer...why couldn't i do the same in magical, foreign places?

anyway...the time has come to step up my career and my workload. i'll be taking on more and more freelance writing jobs, honing my editorial skills, hoping for that future "in" to the travel world.

so--any ideas? connections? yes, a long shot, i know...
but hey, you never know til you try...and yes...i'm surely going to try :)


22 October 2010

found. thanks in part to:

creativity is a complicated thing. sometimes it's thriving. sometimes it's haunting. sometimes it's nowhere to be found. mine, lately, has been lost to the latter. call it a phase, write it off to lost time, blame it on the weather--whatever the case, it's certainly been in hiding. today, however, is a new day, and so begins my attempt to stir the pot. i just hope it's in there somewhere :)

21 October 2010

i think she is just lovely.

so young. so pretty. so classic.
and that dress...

19 October 2010

a day late, but nevertheless...

Two years ago this happened.

And we traveled the world.

or so it felt like the world.

and here we are, 24 months later, stronger, and perfectly in love,
in a sunny little apartment that sits in a wondrous city we now call home.

happy two years, my corey love. 
they've really been the best, and i know they'll only get better.

05 October 2010

today is a pretty day.

{my photo}

 really, it's the prettiest. hope yours is just as swell :)

04 October 2010

seventy one degrees

is the high today.


if only you knew what this meant.
seventy one degrees and crisp, fall breezes.
i can't even detect the humidity that's probably still lingering in this Charleston air.
we're totally settling into the idea of fall. i'm in love with every minute of it. FINALLY...boots. morning coffee, OUTSIDE, with pumpkin bread. walking around this treasured city...without dripping in sweat. open windows and sleeping without the ac. dinners on the porch and breakfast on the patio. anniversary around the corner and family on their way to town...yes, fall is good, or really the best in my book.

hope your monday weather is just as amazing, and that your fall is everything you'd hoped.