30 December 2009

Can't wait to meet you,

Baby Calloway.

I have so much to teach you.
So much to tell you.
So much love to give you.

Can't wait for you to realize how hot your mama was...dancing so hard in the kitchen...9 months pregnant...at her very own baby shower...in her cowboy boots...to the tunes of Foreigner.

That's why she's my bestie.
And why I will love you.
And why I am writhing with anticipation to finally meet you tomorrow.

You have a lot to live up to my dear. :)

To all those reading, please pray for Kendall and Grant--our very bests.
As denoted, they will be welcoming their very first baby, Ms. Calloway Lily, into their arms tomorrow.

So happy.

Maple and Christmas.

Yes, a bit overdue. Christmas is over {sigh} and it's nearly 2010. Can you even believe it?

But I thought I'd give you all a glimpse into our sweet little apartment all decorated for Cmas 2009.

By sweet, I mean...old. And umm..charming. Haha, lots of character. But really, it suits us to a tee. And I thought it was rather cozy and cute during the holidays. In fact, I'm prolonging the de-decorating...I dread how stark it will feel in comparison.

So, like I said, here's a glimpse.

Dining room credenza.
Amazing "Maple Flavor" sugar tin my sis gave me.

Our stockings filled....hung with care :)

My favorite little gold tree, beneath Seasons Greetings.
This makes me happy.

Candy cane kisses in a sterling bowl, atop a lovely plate, atop my favorite rustic,
rusted & peeling green stool.

Mason jars filled with cranberries, in the window sill.

My little reindeer. My mugs. My plates, and my mini Christmas tree.

Christmas cards adorning the dining room closet door.

Dining room tablescape.

And that messy little mut of mine.

So there you have it.
A Maple and Shade Christmas.
Our very first in our own place.
Can't wait to have our second.

p.s. so sorry for the pic quality of several of the above. My better camera has decided to become quite ornery, so I've had to resort to my college-days camera, which you can imagine is quite....weathered.

28 December 2009

Photo session.

So, for Christmas my mother-in-law hired an amazing photographer to come to her home and snap a few photos of our crazy amazing family since we were all together at last (that rarely happens as all the Maples are now married and living in different places). It was so fun, and we are all so silly...and all so close. Nina really captured the essence of the Maple fam and how much we all adore being around one another.

Anyway...here's a few of my favs.

Me and my sis-in-laws, who I adore.

The Maples, Hoaglands, Hochhalters and Thomas'.
So fun.

And me and my Corey.
He's so cute.

And here we are again...appearing to be much more tame and serious
than we actually are.

And how stinking cute is this niece of mine. I just want to squeeeeze her.
She loves the fact that she and Auntie Hannah have matching
cowboy boots :)

The boys. Or, ahem, men. Playing football. Or attempting to.
Rather hard to do when your husband has a 100-pound black lab attached to his leg...
by his teeth.

And, duh. Of course we were going to pull out the extensive collection of rather
amazingly tacky Christmas sweaters and wear them, along with our antlers, in a picture.
I mean, duh.

So there you have it...some insight into my Maple Christmas.
Hope yours was just as lovely.
so sad it's over.
Can't wait until next year.

Have a wonderful Monday. :)

24 December 2009

Well, we're off to spend time with the family. Spending the night at my parents house, and so looking forward to Maple Chili and movies and hanging out with Aunt Lib. :) Wishing my hubby wasn't at work today, or tomorrow, but most of all...wishing ya'll the most wonderful Christmas Eve and Morning. Happy Holidays!!

20 December 2009

Tidings, of cheer.

Wishing you the coziest, warmest, happiest time of year.

10 December 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday

To my amazingly wonderful and exceptionally handsome hubby.

I love you, Corey Maple, and am so blessed and happy that you were born on this day...for me. :)

02 December 2009

Leaving, on a jet plane...

For Seattle.

So happy. So excited.

Corey is in a wedding on Saturday. And then we are staying...to celebrate our birthdays.
Mine is the 7th. His is the 10th.

And, the 49ers, his favorite team, is playing in Seattle on the 6th. So, yes, we're going. To endure the cold. The blustery, rainy cold weather. Which I love.

And...and...our hotel is, mmm...one block from Anthro and Urban. And H&M.

Like I said...so happy. So excited.

Enjoy your week :)