16 August 2009

On the road again...

And oh how I wish it was on the road to a vacation in Paris. Maybe someday. As for now, I'm back on duty in Louisville...working hard to restore the paramount flood damage to the University of Louisville's campus. It's amazing what Servpro (the company I market for) is capable of. So, I must say goodbye for now. Hope to see you trusty readers again in a few days. Enjoy your week!

Ella Mint on Etsy.

So, our shop is up and running, and to top off the excitement, we've shipped a few items to amazing customers (who obviously have amazing taste) who were seeking to add a few new
"ellamints" of fresh & happy to their homes. In the market to do the same? Well...shop away. We have a few select items at the moment, but keep your eye out. Amazing new inventory (very cool pieces of furniture) arriving soon. Time to make room in your house? I think so ;)

09 August 2009

So sorry...

I know what you may be thinking...and no, the fact is I haven't abandoned my blog. I'm so sorry that it seems that way. I'm actually a Marketing Rep for Servpro of Lexington...a company that does all sorts of restoration & mitigation in buildings...and, if you haven't heard, Louisville, Kentucky got hit extremely hard with flooding this past Tuesday. So, I've been on site at U of L (basically since Tuesday) helping our amazing crew coordinate the campus cleanup. And, I will be heading back to Louisville bright and early tomorrow morning to return Thursday night at the earliest. So, the blogging hiatus will have to resume. So, for now you will just have to enjoy these wonderfully clever clothes-pin dolls that I discovered through my ever-reliable flickr. See them here.

Can't wait to be back in blog-mode! But for now, I must do my job :)

03 August 2009

Fallen quite hard...

For Katie Daisy. I stumbled upon her flickr page, then her etsy shop...and furthermore, her website. I mean truly, she may be the most talented artist I've seen yet. I must, must and...can't wait to purchase some of her prints. She even makes pillows. I'm telling you, I've fallen hard, and may never be able to walk away from her etsy store.

Like I said...adore her work. I mean really, have you ever seen anything like it? If I could...I definitely would buy each and every Katie Daisy offering.