11 July 2014


Feeling a bit chaotic this week...aka...overwhelmed. Lots going on, with our new (old) house under repair/reno, a tight move-in deadline, our current property in need of showing and renting, design projects, and a bebo on the way...who's starting to grow...and slow me down. All good things, though, I must add (truly...I am by no means complaining). But regardless, I'm feeling the need for some mind (and stress) clearing simplicity...and inspiration. And what accomplishes that better than a summer palette of soft and serene neutrals?

Quiet. Calming. And perfect. No?

Hope your weekend is simple...and perfect.

01 July 2014


I'm not sure where time goes these days. Life seems to be incessantly hectic. I always think it's just a phase--that things are going to slow--and I'll be able to drink every day in and really enjoy it--but that pretty much never happens. But busy is good. And we've certainly been busy! Here's a little glimpse into our lately (in no particular order):

The amazing team at Home Depot asked me to participate in another patio style challenge (remember my courtyard update from last spring?). This time it was a 'patio redux'--reusing the same furnishings, but freshening things up and adding to the mix. Here's a little glimpse at the photoshoot -- my friend and photographer, Geneva, and her insanely cute shoes.

Backyard bliss...again...thanks to Home Depot. 
I'll be sure to blog the link when my patio redux goes live! 

Maple and I spent a week beach-bumming it with my family. The solitude and salty sea air was everything and more that we needed...I tried so hard to relish every ounce of it!

It was bebe's first trip to the beach (ha!). Here we are...5 months along...just starting to show. You know...that point where everyone on the beach wonders if you ate too much ice cream for lunch (and yes, I did).

Hubby and I broke away from the oceanfront, and reminisced in Charleston for a few days. We paid homage to our favorite fooderies (made up word...yes...), and a few newbies that we were dying to try, like Leon's. It was nothing short of amazing, I tell you. I ate there twice...in two days...

And as if the food isn't enough to draw you to Leon's...just look at that decor. Simple and perfect.

Sweet tooth had to be satisfied by my favorite gem of a bakery, of course. 

And, back in Lexington, design projects are rolling right along. This one's taking shape as a dapper dude office space/bachelor pad studio. I snapped this pic right after cabinets were installed, but so much has taken shape since! Flooring is in...counters are on...appliances are installed...furnishings are arriving...and a custom concrete vanity gets installed this week in the bathroom. Can I move in? 

Umm...speaking of moving...Maple and I bought our third little casa. You see, the downtown cottage where we currently live was purchased as an investment property (it's actually zoned commercial). We said we'd live in it for a year or so until it was ready to be rented. Well, bebe came along this winter, and suddenly this one bedroom building on a super noisy street was no longer cutting it. It was a hellacious process (aka we are both self employed aka banks hate us)...and I recommend you never step foot into a for sale by owner without a realtor (so worth their fees, people), but we finally, finally closed! And this charming bungalow in the downtown neighborhood of our dreams is where Maple, Poppy, and girlfriend now call home. And it feels dang good.

Well...we almost call it home. Of course this girl wanted to make a few minor changes, so we are painting (and painting...and painting)...reworking a few ceilings and a bathroom...and refinishing those floors back to their 100-year old glory. And then we will move...and it will all be worth it.

Meanwhile, the bump is steadily progressing...

Into a full-fledged seven-month baby belly. And I couldn't be more thrilled. I never really knew if I'd like being pregnant...it always seemed so foreign and I honestly rather dreaded it. But, friends, it's been so fun, and I am already super sad that we're rounding third base and nearing the home stretch. Must relish these last few months! 

And there you have it. 
Our little lately. 


23 June 2014


So, it's Monday...a day of new beginnings, right? To say I need a new beginning with le ol' blog is most certainly understatement. But, friends...life got a bit crazy, and my inspiration was more than waning, and it did me an unfathomable amount of good to unplug for a bit...and just relish in all that's been going on in my little world:

Speaking of, there's been LOTS going on in that world...or belly. If you follow me on instagram you probably know that the Mr. and I have a little Maple bun brewing in the oven...a little girl...due in late September :)

So, friends...I am back. Or, shall I say, we are back. Back to being busy, back to blogging, back to the daily grind. Well, all of those things have been there all along, but I'll no longer be keeping you in the dark. There's more design projects to be finished (and started)...a new little abode for Maple and I to work on and decorate...and a baby to soon bring home. Thanks for sticking with me in my radio silence...I surely hope you'll keep reading.


27 January 2014


I hate to be one who wishes away time, but friends, I am so over this winter. I mean, it doesn't really help that this is our first winter back from Charleston, and 'cold' to us meant high 40s and partly cloudy. So here we are, the end of January, and this week marks our third cold spell of negative temperatures. Yes, like... -8 degrees, with a windchill of -20. In Kentucky. Somehow still known as 'the south.' That, to me, is just insane.

But, complaining never really did anyone any good, so let's focus on the positive: spring (I hope) is just around the corner. So, to get through this last month or so of bitter temps, blustery winds, and snow-mounded streets and sidewalks, I'm conjuring thoughts of streaming warm sunshine, walks in the green-grassed park, and color--lots of spring-like color.

So, here's to hoping you find these color pops just as inspiring!


10 January 2014


Friends. Readers. Fellow interior and wardrobe aficionados. I finally have a recent project for you to behold. Admittedly, I've had these photos for a while (thanks to the ever-amazing, photographic genius Tiffany from Offbeat and Inspired), but I guess I was waiting for the new year to roll around before debuting them.

Anyhow, I was commissioned by the owners of Morton James  to create an interior that would house their amazing wardrobe offerings and match their biz mantra: a well-curated men's and women's clothing boutique offering sophisticated, edgy apparel that's both style and quality driven. 

The project was a dream. The owners were a dream. And the photos are a dream.

So there you have it! Morton James...my most recently installed project...and even a little photo of me in the mix :)

And now you have some homework:

GET to this boutique. Their goods are amazing. Seriously, Halie and Julia (the savvy style gurus behind MJ) have the most impeccable taste.

Follow Morton James on instagram...you certainly won't be sorry.

And, take a peek at my good friend and photographer's style-laden blog: Offbeat and Inspired. That, too, you won't regret!

Happy Friday.