19 December 2011


Hi all! Hope your weekend suited you well. Mine was filled with yard work galore (all. those. dang. leaves.), Saturday dinner with good friends followed by a birthday celebration at a favorite, super-cozy Charleston cocktail institution, holiday shopping while strolling historic King Street, wrapped up by an incredibly fun and delicious progressive holiday dinner with best friends. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good Saturday and Sunday :)

Speaking of the progressive dinner--it was so fun! Not to mention easy...and such a brilliant way to enjoy friends' homes all decked out for Christmas.

Maple and I were in charge of the main course, so we whipped up a super savory yet oh-so-easy, comfort-laden dish of basil and parmesan polenta topped with balsamic, garlic roasted cherry tomatoes and parmesan encrusted white-wine chicken. Don't let the long menu fool you: we cooked the polenta in the slowcooker (so it would stay warm while dining on hors d' oeuvres elsewhere) and quickly pan-seared the flattened chicken in a skillet as soon as we made it to our place. Served with crusty, peasant bread and a rich, tangy malbec--it was the perfect make-in-a-hurry meal that's worthy of dinner guests.

So what about you? Have you ever participated in a progressive dinner? I'd love to do it again...any tips you have to share?


Shannon said...

oh i really love the idea of a progressive dinner! never been a part of one but now i'm thinking one must be planned!

Hannah Maple said...

you absolutely should! really...it was so fun...and totally takes the pressure off serving several courses :)