30 December 2011


So...packing (for me at least) doesn't exactly come easy, especially when there's multiple destinations involved...meaning varying weather and temps. But thanks to the brilliant Brock and Marsha--the masterminds behind the  personal styling business and blog Style Edit--my next suitcase will be perfectly packed. And hopefully yours, too! Let's see what the experts have to say on the matter:

Winter is here! Most of us are so very tempted to stay cuddled inside our warm humble abodes but adventure keeps calling our names! Planning on taking a road trip or a flight to somewhere nice? Packing can be stressful. We know. But, we are here to help! Unpredictable weather or multi-destination trips can be a headache when it comes to packing--especially when you have to pay to check a bag! A major challenge arises when you are attempting to pack style-minded yet versatile clothing for a long trip. We've all been caught standing defeated in front of a overly packed  9 x 14 x 22 inch piece of carry-on luggage.  Never fear my dear--where there's a will, there's a way!  Take a look of our packing suggestions below!


Tips you will cherish: 

1. Always bring a great selection of jewelry! Jewelry can be stowed in your purse to prevent damage and taking up room in your suitcase. For example: Statement necklaces can help create countless looks. One white shirt can produce 5 looks with 5 different statement necklaces! 

2.  Always wear your heavy items on the plane to allow for more space in your luggage. Layering is a must! Plus, it tends to be pretty chilly on the plane.

3.  Scarves can double as sarongs--creating more fabulous looks! 

Brock + Marsha

*Be sure to check out their blog for more amazing (and everyday) personal style tips. Love these ladies!

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