28 December 2010


Maybe it's because we've moved, and I appreciate time with family that much more, or maybe it's because it really, truly was--but Christmas 2010, with all of its chaos (by chaos I mean 4 grumpy dogs, 5 little kiddos, and an entire family passing around a not-so-fun sickness), was pretty much the best. Christmas. ever.

So, here, a few of the things that made our Christmas beyond wonderful:

 Home sweet Kentucky home...where I'll forever feel cozy and warm.

  4 dogs (3 of them used to being the one and only, and 3 of them despising that adorable white puppy, I might add). 

 Our Charlie Brown tree...much less homely in the snow.

A tree filled with stories of past years and loved ones. 

 A rather unexpected visit from light man! Oh, light man. 
Those kiddos loved light man.He's pretty cute if I must say so myself.

 Waking up to a snow-covered Christmas morning...cozying in
by the fire for stockings and gifts.

Our very first froth from our new espresso machine (yes, pirates drink espresso, too).

 Waking up to our second snow-filled Christmas morning (bonus of being married), with the most wondrous view from our bedroom balcony. 
One of the many reasons I love our Kentucky home so much.

 Driving back south through a winter wonderland. Despite the never-ending traffic jams and snow-covered roads, those mountains made for an amazing ride.

And...back to Charleston, where our new life awaits. 
Missing Kentucky, and all of its wonder, but happy to have had the very best Christmas ever.

Hope yours was just as swell :)


Balancing Lisa said...

Glad you had such a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas!


Kelly said...

what wonderful photos!! Glad you had a great holiday : )