09 December 2010

New hobby?

I hope, I hope.

Totally wanting to learn the art of calligraphy, especially now that I'm designing invitations and stationery full-time for a little paper goods shop here in Charles *eeee! had I told you?!* 

Anyhow...how amazing is this form of art? I love, love, love hand-inked calligraphy on paper, but I'm such a huge fan of converting it into a vector graphic.

Someday...maybe one day...I will have time for this.


Kate said...

You design stationery? I would die to have some! I love your style - sadly I think I still have signs you made me in middle school and even then you were talented! (Yes I'm creepy. Love your blog and am an avid follower.)

Anonymous said...
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adrian hitt said...

Congrats, Hannah! How exciting! I hope you love it. I know they're lucky to have you!

maple said...
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Anne Dean said...

Hannah! This is amazing! You are definitely on my go-to list for other future endeavors.

maple said...

KATE! I would LOVE to design some stationery for you! Message me sometime: hellomaplestudio@gmail.com :)

Unknown said...

love to look at calligraphy-esp for invitations!
i know that these are computer fonts, but have you seen this sweet blog's choices?


they have a ton of fun fonts to pick from!

maple said...

Thank you Anne Dean! & Jamie--can't wait to use some of those fonts. Thank you!!