14 December 2010

24 degrees.

It's cold here--which supposedly is a rarity.
But I guess it's that way everywhere right now.
And yes, 24 degrees is cold to us.
It's so funny...everyone's running around shivering, complaining, wishing to be barefoot on the beach.


No snow...but there has been a chance.
And, we got to see a dusting in Kentucky this past weekend.
It was amazing flying out...miles and miles of pristine horse farms out my window...sprinkled with a layer of white.

So...off to work, now. Bundled up in scarves, boots, and gloves (eee...finally!), with a warm cup of joe in my hand. Happy, happy Tuesday.


Balancing Lisa said...

I love the snow too! and that outfit is amazing!! Really enjoy black and pink together!


Kelly said...

I live in Ohio so we have PLENTY of snow right now. I don't enjoy driving in it but I love layering, boots, warm drinks, and all the coziness cold weather brings!

Adore those last two photos!

ali v. said...

love the little deer...and their spots! I always loved seeing them as a kid...stay warm! xoxo {av}