29 December 2010

h.i.m. (happy, in the morning)

Found myself swooning this morning in my search for daily inspiration. I didn't have to look very far...as From Me to You is always brimming with stunning photography and noteworthy finds. This time it's the apartment of fashion designer Katie Ermilo's Upper West Side apartment that did it for me...

...it's simple. It's uber chic. It's masculine (which I love love love), but softened by elegant touches: her grandmother's china showcased aside fresh flowers on the sideboard, a glass and silver coffee table stacked high with inspiring sofa reads, that muted clothing rack (a chic, clothing designer must), and soft touches of mauvey-pink.

Yes...I love.

P.S. this espresso machine may be the very best thing to ever come along.
it might do wonders for this blog :)


Balancing Lisa said...

I want to be laying across the couch in the bottom picture with a coffee on that table. Looks wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Which espresso machine did you go for?

maple said...

Lisa--I totally agree! THAT would be my perfect morning :) Or day, for that matter!

Anonymous--I ended up going with Saeco's Via Venezia. I have a friend/fellow espresso connoisseur that has one and absolutely loves it. It's also received some pretty rave reviews over others in the similar price range. I found mine at Crate and Barrel! LOVE it so far.

Kelly said...

LOVE the last photo...totally want those couches!