29 June 2009

Please...come in.

I've been so excited to post this amazing interior belonging to Annie, my good friend and business partner. Together we run "ella mint," which is our new & exciting venture that transforms sad & abandoned pieces into "fresh and happy furnishings." Well, Annie's home is the epitome of fresh and happy. She has such an amazing eye and an adventurous flair to her decorating...everything in her house is so unexpected yet pieces together so well. I absolutely had to share it with you. And the best part, you ask? Nearly every piece of furniture in her home was found on the curb or discovered amidst the rummage of flea markets and garage sales. Cheery paint colors and happy fabrics transformed this home into a chic & thrifty retreat. ENJOY!!

So Annie and her son, Asher, live in Lexington, Kentucky. And, if you ask me, he might just be the luckiest 8 year-old ever...I mean, his very own white, glossy parson's desk? And did you see that tree house? It rocks!!

But, I must say, part of the reason I'm so thrilled to feature this home is to give readers a glimpse into Lexington. Our city for so long has been regarded as somewhat snobby and very classic and preppy, and I love that I'm able to show such a different side to it. Lifestyles in this city are changing...& thanks to people like Annie who aren't afraid to pick up that amazing chair just because it's on the curb. So yay for Lexington!

And, if you happen to be enamored with Annie's home & any of the design elements within, feel free to shoot me an email. If you'd like some custom furniture from "ella mint," we'd be oh-so happy to arrange a consultation.

Have a wonderful afternoon and, most importantly, happy dwelling!


maple said...

i'd be more than happy to answer any questions any of you may have about Annie's home! :)

Allison said...

Where on earth did you/she find that lime green tea kettle?!

maple said...

it's Le Creuset!! you can find it at Williams-Sonoma or surlatable.com :)

Brit said...

Annie's home is so freakin adorable! Love it!

It looks just like YOU! You have to go through with this design stuff. You ladies could do awesome.

Love you.

Lisa Porter said...

Hannah & Annie,
What a delightful post to read & look at too!
So nice to see fresh young talent moving full-speed-ahead with your hopes & dreams.
Annie, your house is adorable, you have a good eye don't you agree that the hunt is half of the fun?
Thanks for showing off our Lexington.