26 June 2009

Weathered love.

As much as I love bright colors and cheery spaces, nothing tugs at my heart more than weathered & rustic elements of design. I can't quite put my finger on the appeal--maybe it's the character that comes with an aged and overly-loved piece, or the mystery and charm behind its story. Either way, I've been enveloped in dreams of a weathered home and all the rusted, dented things I would strategically place within its airy walls. Luxurious linen curtains, my mom's old pie safe, the barn door that we're converting into a dining room table...galvanized metal buckets, mason jars, farm fresh eggs in tattered wire baskets...oh my. An exceptionally amazing farmhouse sink, exposed wooden beams, old wooden windows. A white, ruffled shower curtain, and a ticking-stripe skirt hanging from the kitchen sink. Someday...I hope.

So enjoy your weekend. May my dreams of all-things rustic inspire you to embrace the things you love.

the lovely images above may be accredited to:
Lara Ferroni
the lulubird

Be sure to check back in Monday...I'll be giving you a peek into a most magnificent home.

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