24 June 2009

Dear Santa, won't you come early?

I'd really appreciate it, seeing that my wallet may never allow for any of these items to appear in my home. Therefore, I will have to rely on your, umm, rather bouyant rudolph to somehow land on my sweltering, clay tile roof, and for you to pummel your rotund little self and your very heavy bag (as it will be loaded down with very heavy trunks from Anthropologie) down my narrow, soot-ridden chimney. But, I've been quite good this year, and feeling rather deserving of a 6-month treat. I'll make you extra yummy cookies with ghiradeli chocolate chips...I'll even pour you an ice cold glass of organic milk. Won't you please make the visit?

Tunic: Free People. Pillow: Jonathon Adler. Sunglasses: Swell. Tea cup & trunks: Anthropologie. Sandals: Christian Louboutin. Print: Keep Calm Galleries.


A very, very warm thank-you to Creature Comforts for the amazing mention. I'm so excited! If you have yet to pay the blog a visit, you absolutely must do so now. Its one especially near & dear to me--as I check it...mmm...about 4 times a day :) Most definitely one of my favorite sources of inspiration! It's a reliable provider of my daily creative fix...and should be yours as well.

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