08 June 2009

Villa la....i miss you.

I've got that travel itch. I'm longing for an amazing get-a-way that rivals any one place I've ever been before. Seeing that our bank account won't exactly allow for such an adventure at the moment, the only easement is reminiscing. In Argentina.

Corey and I were blessed beyond reason to have spent 2 weeks of our 3-week honeymoon in South American bliss. This escapade consisted of splitting our time between the pristine, cozy little town of Villa La Angostura--which is nestled amongst the cascading peaks of the Andes in the Patagonia region. The rest of our time...in Buenos Aires, the Paris of the south. And this, it truly was.

So...I invite you to reminisce with me :)

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B said...

I love the design pics you always post but I never comment, but your trip looked wonderful!