26 May 2009

Memorializing the Day.

Nothing in life seems more precious than indulging in the simplest pleasures and sharing them with those you love. I did exactly that...and made a long weekend out of it. A glimpse, below.

My niece, Radiance, who I adore....especially when she says her prayers before beddie and asks to pray for "Auntie Hannah."

The boys, headed down the creek on a mission. They succeeded. We had a delicious craw fish boil for dinner.

I mean...I think I took a trillion pictures of this child. Here she is with her dress tied up just enough to see that little butt of hers. And there's my Poppy, swimming and splashing with Radiance. Too stinking cute.

Getting some practice :) Or at least I wish. Anyhow, I've got my little niece Sheva strapped to me, ready to wade down the waters of the creek.

The two most genuinely beautiful women I know--my sisters.

View of the back of Corey's mom's house from the creek. I adore this stately view--the stone walls, the barn to the right, the endless bed of green....enchanting, and exactly why we had our wedding reception here.

My sis Camille and that baby girl of hers.

Hope your weekend was just as simple and wonderful. I'm so sad Camilly and the girls are heading back to Cali, but how lucky I am to have them as family, and be able to spend such an amazing day with them.

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