06 May 2009

I've been so bad...

Soo, my blogging slump is officially over.  It's not that I've been in a slump--just so busy with a  new marketing job (and life itself) that I've hardly had the free time I need or want to create the glorious eye candy I so badly want to post.  So while several of my good friends are basking in the sun on the beach right now (getting married...so excited for them!), I'm store-sitting at Helen's Boutique (come see me!!) and catching up on my over-due blogging.

First things first: one of my dearest friends from college just had the most amazing little girl, Kennedy Brooke.  I've felt so overwhelmed by this pregnancy and birth, simply because I feel as if I've crossed a major milestone with her.  I mean, after all, she was the first to marry and have a baby.  I mean...she has this child that is half of her.  I know, I know...sad, but true: I am still in shock over this.  I walked into that hospital room last Thursday as the nurse placed little Ken in Brit's arms, and we all burst into the happiest, most amazing tears of all-time.  And all Brit could muster out was, "she's so awesome."  I mean, really, could she be any cuter?  No. She could  not.  And I am so overjoyed for Brit & her amazing husband Dave.  Congrats you two.  You have such a blessing to look upon and love each and every moment of your lives from here on out.  And I will be with you every step of the way :) YAY!!!

The new parents!!! How cute is this fam? And how amazing does Brit look for just giving birth?
And, yes, little Kennedy has a full head of the darkest hair just like her daddy's :) 
So stinking cute.

I mean, smiling already? Are you serious. Love her.

The best of everything to Brit & Dave, and now little K.  Love you all so very much.

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Brit said...

I love you more than life. I am emailing you that pic now of us!