29 May 2009


It's what I'm in. With that husband of mine. As the days pass by and my life grows shorter, I begin to value the little things in life...and the simple. Not that love is really either of those things, but hand-holding is. And so is a walk down the street, with him. An extra long hug. Or a drive around the block with all the windows down and your feet out the window....with him. We had date last night. And it was so fun. Which is why I'm being so mushy. But, I just have to say, I'm so in love. And so happy to share every little bit of my life, with him.

And, if you have yet to set aside a date night, I would totally recommend it. It's so fun.

My absolute favorite photograph from our wedding. It'such an
amazing reminder of how blessed I am to have C.

And here, a link to our ahh-mazing wedding photographer's site. Just some fun eye candy for those of you perusing the web. And yes, that's me, Corey & Poppy on the opening page :)

Have a love-ing weekend!! I'm spend mine at the lake, with the best of friends. Yay for C not having to work! Enjoy :)


Twists N Turns of Fate said...

Is that a golden color at the top of your wedding dress? I love it, so unique! Would you mind sharing who made it?

maple said...

Why thank you! I actually worked with a seamstress I found here in town and had it made. I bought the silk and lace in Chicago, and she made it here in Lexington!