25 May 2009

Happy day.

High hopes that you have the happiest Memorial Day. Mine will surely consist of doing the things that make me happiest: making yummy pancakes for my hubby, whirling up some of my honeymoon coffee in my french press, and spending the entire day with my family, memorializing those we cannot be with any longer. Can't wait to splash around in the creek with my little niece, and enjoy every ounce of love that's shared between my fam. C's older brother, sister and her two baby girls are in from California, so I'm going to spend my day cherishing this time I get to spend with each of them. Words can't describe just how blessed I am to have married into this amazing family who has taught me how to love with every fold and corner in my heart. I'm so excited it's memorial day, and so excited to live the life that I have been given. I pray you enjoy yours just as much! Have a happy one :)

*image via the blog Design Is Mine

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