19 August 2013


Every designer has their icons. While my list is swimming with an intimidating amount of interior talent, there's one name in particular who continually astounds me: the Tom Scheerer. The number of glossy pages he's adorned is unfathomable--he's certainly favored by shelter pub editors. And, for really good reason: though highly sophisticated, unexpected, and somewhat whimsical, Scheerer's interiors are entirely approachable, and laden with timeless appeal. He's mastered the art of mixing the high with even the lowest of low (and how refreshing to know he reveres certain pieces for their character...not just their namesakes or price tags!). And, Scheerer has the innate ability to envelope a room in warmth, interest...and ease.

Remember the post I did on Scheerer's design of the Lyford Cay country club? It's beyond amazing. I can vouch. I always look forward to my return, as there are always new details to uncover. New brilliance to experience. Perhaps my favorite meal of all time was had beneath the whimsical pink and white cabana-striped canopy, simply because of the magical ambiance of my surroundings. And, Scheerer doesn't spare on the use of one of my most-coveted fabrics: fiddle leaf fig, by Peter Dunham.

Being that I'm so very fond of Tom and his design brilliance, you can imagine my excitement when I learned of his newest coffee table read: Tom Scheerer Decorates, by Mimi Read (which now proudly sits on the very top of my towering stack of design books). 

It's stunning (and that doesn't even begin to describe it). Never before have I owned such a page-turner of a coffee table book. Never before have I incredulously studied every single photograph...and every single caption (loaded with interesting tidbits pertaining to the why's of his designs, and even resources). Never have I witnessed a design book in which each page is just as exciting (if not more) than the last. Never have I been so stirred and inspired by a decorator! Seriously, people. Tom Scheerer is an icon. And perhaps the biggest in my book. Classic Americana, with the most brilliant, authentic, approachable, luxurious twist. I needed this book. And so do you, my friends:

(p.s. Ricardo totally agrees. Can you tell?)

 (Ricardo's favorite kitchen)

...And that's just the tiniest glimpse into this beautifully contrived book, and Scheerer's uber-impressive (and stunning) portfolio.

Tom Scheerer Decorates, by Mimi Read. 


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