27 April 2012


I'm gearing up for a June rendezvous to Lyford Cay, where I first discovered the impeccable interior design of Tom Scheerer. There's nothing in the world like the Bahamian oasis he created: it's classic, yet enthralling, and makes you feel as if you're sipping the finest rum cocktail with the finest of people in a juicy, Caribbean-esque episode of Mad Men. And isn't that we all want on vacation, complete with the most divine little yellow and white striped beachside cabanas? Well done, Tommy S...well done:

A peek at Tom's Lyford Cay Club design:

 I mean, do you see that peach and white tented patio? Perfection.

And, my (so hard to choose) favorite snippets from the rest of his uber impressive portfolio:

There you are again, Peter Dunham Fig Leaf.
The fact that I can't afford you haunts me.

 Perfect mix of woods. Perfectly perfect tile. 
Yes, Tom, I think you are perfect.

 So this photo came from pinterest... 
Oops, not enough time in the day to correct. :)

Giant plant in the shower? Of course! 

 Very much my dream house...and yes...my dream house is a cottage.
Double points for being located on a 'hilltop in the Bahamas.' SOLD.

Stunning / casual / refined / eclectic / elegant simplicity, no?

I love you Tom S., I really do.
Well, your portfolio, at least.
And all that inspired, interior eye candy it boasts.


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