22 August 2013


If you follow me on instagram, you pretty much know my life chronicles. Things have been a-happenin' lately, and I couldn't be more thankful or excited. Several design projects are entering into final phases and installs...new ones are on the brink...some are mid-way...and one is headed into construction. Feeling very blessed about that last sentence! My Maple and I (and the most fun group of friends) have done a tiny bit of travel, and our little downtown cottage now entirely belongs to us! So progress is finally being made in that 'updating' department. And, although I'm beyond ready for the onset of fall, I'm determined to do all that I can to slow down and soak up every last drop of this amazing summer. So here's a glimpse into my world as-of-late:

Dalmation print wallpaper was installed on the ceiling of #ClientHorseFarm's little girl's room.

 A set of dining chairs were given a bright new future thanks to these fabrics and my talented upholstery workroom.

An uber-traditional facade got a modernist facelift with crisp white paint, a moody blue/gray door, copper lighting that will patina beautifully, and sleek concrete benches. Next on the list of to-do's is adding planters and greenery for warmth, and simplifying that outdated front door glass!

My Maple and I jaunted off to the beach for a week with the most amazing group of friends who were more than generous to invite us on their escapade. It was beyond fun.

Major pro of summer: the drinking of bubbly, with the best of girlfriends, next to inviting green walls.

Another pro: leopard print sandals. I finally have a closet...so I could finally unpack, which means I finally know where my shoe collection lives.

As you know, my One Kings Lane photo shoot went down. Two days of intense shooting. Thank goodness for these two people: Bradley, the (amazing ) photographer, and Chelsea, the (amazing) design assistant. They rocked it.

I know, I know. You are tired of Ricardo. But he's just so dapper. 
Here he is posing for One Kings Lane. He is just so photogenic. 

A construction-site visit revealed exciting surprises: the most sumptuous charcoal stained coffered ceiling, and exquisite millwork (do you see that door jam?). The details are everything, people.

More wallpaper = more client (and designer) elation! This prettiness happened for #ProjectAtlanta. Our custom paneling provides a buffer so wallpaper will live a long, happy life on those bath walls. Isn't it just perfect with that marble vanity top and black cabinetry? If only you could see the herringbone floors of black subway tile. Beyond pleased with this beauty!

I've been agonizing over what color scheme to paint our cottage exterior, until I drove past this beauty...and immediately threw on the brakes...and had passenger Chelsea snap this photo. Isn't is just so classic and humble? Inviting...and fresh? Pretty near perfection, I think.

Custom chairs are in the works. A reminder that patience is a virtue, as I cannot wait to install these super chic host chairs.

We have a long way to go, but furnishing deliveries and custom window treatment installs means this area of a master bedroom is starting to take shape. I just love the soothing environment made by layering tones of blue. 

Those draperies are getting paired with that wallpaper. How I want to be 11 months old again.

And, the best for last? Chelsea, our witty design assistant, fell smashingly in love with this newly installed wallpaper on a client's fireplace wall. You should see it in person. It's just 'riveting.' Hehe. (p.s. paper is Rivets by Phillip Jeffries. Get it? Get it?)

So there you have it, friends. Me and my lately. Again, I am so blessed to do what I love on an everyday basis, and help clients achieve a relaxing, inspiring home of their dreams. Thanks for always being so supportive of my endeavors. I so appreciate you following along :)



Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

oh my dear god - i am in love. just found you thru pinterest and love everything ive seen so far. just followed you on instagram. nice to meet ya :)

That PJ wallpaper is GREAT,and of course so is the Thibaut? one on the ceiling!

Carrie Shain said...

Congrats on all of your great projects! It seems business has boomed for you over the last year! It doesn't take long for people to recognize great talent! I love all the wallpaper that you use. I use to think wallpaper was something you would find in your grandmothers house, but you've opened my eyes to how great wallpaper can look when used in the right space!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Cape and I love the colors as well. That cedar roof makes it all come together! classic. Great blog. So happy I stumbled upon it!

Hannah Maple said...

Thank you Bethany and Carrie! So kind of you both to say such nice things! :) Super appreciate you reading the blog!

Hannah Maple said...

Emily--so happy I stumbled upon YOUR blog! What a great eye you have. Thanks for reading!