19 June 2012


My last week was spent in absolute paradise. Truly...my favorite place in all the world: Lyford Cay, in the Bahamas. Maple's insanely chic grandmother has an insanely chic house, and how blessed we are to congregate there as a huge, amazing family, and lose every care in the world for the sand and sea-filled time being:

So now we're home...to a very different beach (missing that calm, crystal clear bay)...back to work (big projects going on!!), back to life, back to all that's both wonderful and familiar. 

But still, I find myself reminiscing of that salty Bahamian air, and pinning all-things beach chic:

/ crochet dress / kelly wearstler cabana / driftwood lamp / turkish striped beach towel / rattan high back chairs / agate pillow / sculptural concrete chair / black and tan beach hat / 
lucite and palm leaf pumps /

Happy Tuesday, my friends!!
Excited to be back in the states...
and back to blogging.



The Egg said...

does she LIVE there?
looks so cozy and chic!

Shannon said...

that house is GORGEOUS.

Rachel said...

Hey! Where is your cheetah bikini from??

Hannah Maple said...

Old Navy!!

The Sister Sophisticate said...

Oh my gosh what little piece of paradise. must be nice to be able to go there and enjoy with family and friends.