15 October 2012


I would venture to say this is true in all walks of business and life, no? But especially in design. It's true: we can't spend our precious hours worrying over mistakes being made, or we'll never be able to realize the full potential of our creativity. If there's one thing I've learned thus far, it's to trust your gut. And perhaps my own gut will start to listen, as I just spent three days agonizing over the finishing touches in a client's dining room, only to pull the trigger on my original instinct.

And speaking of design, I'm immensely blessed to do what I love most in the world, and to spend my days at my (above) desk, in my very own office, surrounded by the things that inspire me most, as I work incredibly hard to create that same inspiring environment in my clients' own homes. But it's funny what comes with the territory of "owning your own business." It seems that most people have a contrived impression that I do not in fact work, but instead spend all day everyday drinking mimosas and writhing over which color to paint my dog's toenails. Hmm...how did they ever know?

And speaking of clients, I just sent off a design board for a master bedroom redo that includes THE Fiorentina, as seen above in this wine/magenta pillow. It's going to be yummy...

And yummy falls short in describing just what's in store for another client's living/dining space. I quite literally squealed with excitement when our custom drapes trimmed in a rich cobalt greek key arrived on my doorstep. And see that Java Java fretwork fabric? We're currently waiting for her to be printed and shipped. She's definitely worth the (forever long) wait!

Anyway...back to work (whaa??)

How many of you own your own business, or are in the midst of risking everything to make a life out of what you love most in this world? I wish you all they very best, and hope that everyone reading this post may realize their passions and dreams in some form or fashion. Cheers to the pursuit of dreams...and...



adrian said...

Owning your own business is incredibly hard work! It requires your heart, energy, sweat and tears. The first 3 years are the toughest! It's like having a newborn. Very needy, dependent and requires ample amounts of attention. But, as you know, it's totally worth it and the business grows up and can walk on its own! :) We have a couple of friends who regularly ask us to walk their dog in the middle of the day. My assumption is that they think we're not doing anything else since we both work from home :) Bless them. I'm so happy for you Hannah! You are immensely creative and I'm so glad you're able to share that with the world.

Hannah Maple said...

Thank you, Adrian! You are the best...and just the encouragement I needed. And yes, seems like most owners are pretty adamant about that 3-year mark. Looking forward to having a sustainable biz, but in the meantime I'm totally enjoying this crazy adventure I've chosen. And congrats to you and all of your success! Such a huge fan of your amazing talent :)