17 October 2012


Mirrors have been at the top of my designer radar as-of-late, especially when used in large doses. A warning though: you have to be careful with mirrors, as they can easily escalate towards what I would call...tacky. But, when the quality is high, and the lines are kept on the side of clean and simple, a wall of mirrors can greatly amplify the perceived space of a room, all-the-while creating an ambiance of elegance and warmth.

Just take a peek at my favorite examples of such brilliant achievements:

All gorgeous, right? The key is absolutely in the execution...and the simplicity, I think.
And did you notice the commonality within each of the photos? Antiqued glass. So classic and elegant, bringing what could very well be a flashy wall of mirrors down to a much more approachable and livable level. Love.

And speaking of love, that's pretty much the feeling I have towards this gem:

A large-scale, antiqued glass, aged brass leaner mirror, complete with a riveted frame. I'm using her (and several of her sisters) to make what will be a stunning statement in a client's home. Can't wait to get these babies installed...and photos taken...and posted for you to see. Soon, my pretties...soon!!!

So, what do you think? Are you digging the mirrored walls as much as I am? 


Full House said...

Hanhah..I am feeling the love of antique mirrors. I am currently trying to figure out how to make a custom antique mirrored doors...on the inexpensive.

Hannah Maple said...

Ahh, me too. I have cheapo closet doors in the guest bed that I'm dying to replace with some mirrored beautiues! But, on a budget. Looked into having mirrors antiqued by my glass guy...outrageous! Thinking I'll do myself. Girl on a tight budget!

P.S. I'm SO incredibly glad you're back to blogging. Have to say, yours is my absolute fav, and I pretty much want to be you when I'm a mom! Congrats on the new place...can't WAIT to see what you do with it!!