24 July 2012


So I woke up early this morning to do some yard work. Maple and I have been gone what seems like all summer (hence the lack of regular blogging...oops), and returned to our little abode a few days ago to find our yard on the verge of overgrown. Anyway, I love being out there...digging in the dirt...cleaning everything up...making it look loved and cared for again. Being outdoors is just good for my soul...our neighborhood is so peaceful in the early morning...and I, of course, can't help but imagine all the things Maple and I want to do to our yard, porch, and patio when I'm out there slaving in the AM sun.

I pretty much love landscape design as much as I do interiors, and it's a goal of mine to become fairly well-versed in the art. Our fairly tight budget means we have to take it a little at a time, but we're working our way towards a yard that will someday channel these favorite inspiration photos I've filed:

 I pretty continually find myself drawn to Mediterranean architecture + landscaping. I especially love the natural-looking mix of Sheryl Crow's plantings: whispy grasses, stately aloe + cacti, succulents, and creeping wall vines, of course.

 Again with the Mediterranean aesthetic. How perfect is this little patio nook for sipping AM coffee? It's definitely in our patio plan to replicate a similar shade spot.

 A lush mix of green and white landscaping is what I have in mind for our own front yard. And hints of purple (like the salvia I planted) add the perfect pop of color. And I'm sort of obsessed with having a pea gravel front walk!

 This simple stucco firepit, pea gravel, and grayish adirondack chairs are perfection.
I don't think I'll ever tire of gray-weathered wood. And how brilliant to create a simple divider with vintage shutters-turned-trellis!

 The back exterior wall of our house is boring concrete block. It will be the backdrop for our entire patio, so we planted creeping fig all along the perimeter. It's already climbing away...and will sooner than later look like this gorgie wall.

And how stunning are these whispy lady banks roses? Maple and I planted two on either side of our front porch iron spindles. They're vigorous climbers, and will *hopefully* soon be cascading along the overhang of our front porch and entry. 

So anyway....our yard is coming along, slowly but surely. It's pretty rewarding to watch it evolve, and see how far our sweat equity (quite literally...it's so dang hot!) has come, and dream of where it will someday be.


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The Egg said...

geez louise, that couple looks picture perfect.
i want that house/life, ha!