18 July 2012


So, I've been a pinning fool as of late, and there seems to be an underlying theme: expansive windows and doors. And not just any windows and doors, but insanely gorgeous, masculine, simple, classic industrial iron windows and doors, filled with rows and rows of crisp glass panes. That's one of the two reasons Maple and I knew we had to have our house: the windows were giant, and they're the insanely cool aluminum-gridded industrial windows that crank open. I'd love to replace them one day, as the 1950s wasn't the most energy efficient era, and when we do, they'll resemble these beauties:

I'm especially taken with this bottom photo...which is pretty much my dream. How I'd love to knock out the back of our house and replace it with floor-to-ceiling industrial glass, and move our kitchen so I can spend any and every bit of my free time staring out those stunning windows.

So, thinking of replacing windows and doors of your own in the near future? Think outside the box a bit (if you're willing to splurge, of course). You don't have to go with the contractor's special, as I like to call them: white, plastic-paned windows with upper and lower sashes. Look into industrial windows, like those shown above: these days they're manufactured just as energy efficient as those everyday cheapies you see in big box stores.


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The Egg said...

exposed beams and large windows make my stomach drop.

xo the egg out west.