25 July 2012


So, you may have picked up on the fact that the Mr. and I have essentially been out of town alllll summer long...and for super exciting, insanely good reason, I might add. You see, I have this big interiors project going on in Kentucky, and I've been traveling back and forth working on installs as furnishings and draperies arrive...and I've thrown some fun shopping trips (like to Atlanta) into the mix as well.

Anyway, the project consists of an entire house and the outdoor courtyard area. My clients requested a mix of modern and rustic, so I developed a well-curated culmination of weathered materials and sleek lines and surfaces. Overall, the aesthetic is uber-refined...built upon layering neutrals and a multitude of textures. Black and gray accents ground the space in hints of masculinity, and interesting patterns, artwork, and accessories lend subtle interest. And, perhaps most importantly, the rooms are comfortable and welcoming...the biggest request from my (really amazing) clients.

Now...want to see? The big reveal will come with professional photos, but here's a little instagram sneak peak into a few evolving details:

Hope you enjoyed the mini glimpse.
And hope you have an uber-amazing and inspiring Wednesday in store!

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