26 October 2010

i, more than anything,


i want to eat scones, on cobble stone streets, in bustling cities, in sidewalk cafes.
i want to watch people, embark on adventures, climb volcanoes, and explore hidden coasts.
i want to learn new languages, taste new foods, breathe new air.
i want to experience more in this life...more in this world.

i, dear readers, want to be a travel writer.

yes, that's really something to aspire to...i realize. but i'm already a freelance writer/photographer/designer...why couldn't i do the same in magical, foreign places?

anyway...the time has come to step up my career and my workload. i'll be taking on more and more freelance writing jobs, honing my editorial skills, hoping for that future "in" to the travel world.

so--any ideas? connections? yes, a long shot, i know...
but hey, you never know til you try...and yes...i'm surely going to try :)



adrian hitt said...

these are the desires of my heart as well. i want to be a nomad with camera and journal in hand...

Unknown said...

i want to travel the world as well - i'm hopeing to do so through teaching ..

*kiss kiss*

PS - spreading the word - come one come all and
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Christina said...

move to vietnam w/ jay and iiiiiii!!!!