04 October 2010

seventy one degrees

is the high today.


if only you knew what this meant.
seventy one degrees and crisp, fall breezes.
i can't even detect the humidity that's probably still lingering in this Charleston air.
we're totally settling into the idea of fall. i'm in love with every minute of it. FINALLY...boots. morning coffee, OUTSIDE, with pumpkin bread. walking around this treasured city...without dripping in sweat. open windows and sleeping without the ac. dinners on the porch and breakfast on the patio. anniversary around the corner and family on their way to town...yes, fall is good, or really the best in my book.

hope your monday weather is just as amazing, and that your fall is everything you'd hoped.

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Balancing Lisa said...

These photos are amazing! LOVE the clothes, jewelry, and artsy nature of them all!