19 April 2010


 busy, busy today.
or, trying to be at least.
headed to the library to do some much-needed thinking and research.
trying to start my own business, you see....super excited, but lots to do.
may also be interviewing at Urban today for some PT work.
haven't quite decided.
would love to work for such a brilliant company.
so i guess we will see.

in the meantime, waiting on my new bike to get here.
you see, i have the best hubby in the whole wide world, and he surprised me with this beauty last week:

the best part is...it's from walmart. which  means: super inexpensive.
can you even believe it?!
and it's mint green. umm...sold. and sold.

i've been hunting for an amazing vintage bike to no avail.
all i came up with was a craigslist creeper who i hung up on.
true story.
i do feel bad about that...but really, there was no other option at the time (at least in my mind).

anyway...my wheels are a turning. in more ways than one.
have an amazing shrimp tostada recipe that i will be posting later.
until then, happy reading.


Pink Wallpaper said...

seriously walmart....too cute! must that check out...

maple said...

i know!! can you even believe it? i can't wait to get her in and plop a basket on the front! only $84...such a dream :)

adrian hitt said...

umm, i'm seriously going to have to pick one of these up! i.can.not.believe.it!