23 April 2010

the sum of it.

yes, if i could some up exactly what i've been feeling inside for the past month, i would say this.
it's a pity i didn't.
but i'm certainly glad someone thought of the words for me.
and, made them quite pretty to look upon.

it's a funny thing not having a job.
you find yourself with so much time on your hands, yet at the same time, so very little.
somehow the days still pass at an infinite speed and you find yourself wondering why the sun is not still smiling at you in the sky. wondering why you have not saved the world's children from starvation or rescued the endangered butterflies from the brink of extinction.
feeling like you should be accomplishing so much more with your time...so much good.
so maybe i wouldn't exactly list these thoughts in order.
but they are definitely in my head.
and i think live and love would grace the top of my list.
followed by build faith.
yes, i think those three lay a solid foundation.

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