23 November 2013


It's Saturday, and I am so glad. Despite the fact that I have been relegated to bed with a pretty terrible cold (ugh...haven't been sick in years...perhaps that's why this feels so awful?), I'm taking full advantage of the leisure time. It doesn't happen too terribly often, but there's nothing I love more than curling up with coffee (and inevitably the dog, who always finds her way into my lap) and a gorgeous coffee table book. More and more I'm finding myself drawn to the idea of totally unplugging, and getting real with paper and ink...some quiet time...and the inevitably inspiring pages that abound.

So, enter Staircases, The Architecture of Ascent. I have to say, I am usually entranced by color, pattern, and loud interiors that scream innovative design, but there is something so quietly inspiring in this book of architectural splendor:

The perfect example of form melded with function, staircases are born from an engineered need: they amplify usable space by providing a physical platform that allows spaces to seamlessly combine. And how often do these logical needs remain just that? Strictly functional--void of any additional thought, character, or designed innovation. So, not only is Staircases brimming with stunning and forward-thinking architectural design (which is inspiring in and of itself), but it nearly serves a higher purpose--one of hope. Yes, I think it gives hope that the everyday doesn't have to be normal, or mundane, but intentional thought and creativity can transform normalcy, and logistical need, into something extraordinary.

Alright, so how's that for a deep review? And aren't those photographs profound? Perhaps it's the cold medicine speaking, but truly, I'm finding myself inspired and enamored with the lyrical Staircases, and thought it worth a share. :)

So happy weekend, y'all. Whether you're feeling under the weather, or wiped out from an inevitably busy week, I hope you find some time to enjoy where you are...and who you're with...and whatever you're in the midst of doing.


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Unknown said...

The last picture is the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar. I was actually there over Thanksgiving! It's a beautiful building on the inside and out. I hope you're doing well and love the blog!

-Amanda Hendricks